iDream Education awarded by Yes Bank Foundation under “Yes! i am the Change” initiative

We feel humbled and very excited to share with you all about this incredible news for us at iDream Education. Last month in an event in Mumbai organised by Yes Bank Foundation, iDream Education and our work was recognised as one of India’s top 25 Social Impact initiatives. Coming at a time when we are focussed on facilitating local language content in every Indian language, this award will inspire us to push ourselves towards our vision.    This is a part of […]

Can Educational Tablets help in covering historical Learning gaps which a child carries from Junior classes

In this blog, we wish to share with you about what we feel should be a core idea to learning – the idea of mastery and how digital tools like tablets can enable our children to adopt this. Have you come across children who say that they find Math very difficult? Or a particular topic in Chemistry very difficult to understand? We usually brush this off saying that the kid is stupid or just doesn’t work hard and focus while […]

The journey from a good teacher to a personalised mentor and a guide

There is a very interesting analogy in how the game of cricket has evolved over the years and how our education system can take a few cues and adapt to the way the 21st century is shaping up. Read below to explore this connection deeper. Imagine that you have come to learn how to play cricket. Let’s assume for a while that you wish to be a batsman. Your coach comes to you, gets you all padded up, goes over […]