Why do tablets for school use make sense in today’s times

When you pour an aerated drink in a glass, have you noticed how bubbles push themselves to reach the top. And even when they do, they look unsettled and multi directional, but they inevitably find their way to the top! A child’s learning and growth is just like that, may be even more experimental and active. And growing up in the 21st century, there are numerous stimuli that keep the inquisitive mind of the child extremely excited. With access to […]

Social App Hub recognizes iDream Education’s work on mobile & tablet powered Learning for the underserved

The real power of any Social Tech is derived from inclusion, access and collaboration. The most credible scalability for any social initiative comes from vision-aligned partnerships and access to national platforms focussed on social good. At iDream Education, we had the good fortune of collaborating with one such platform – the Social App Hub. Social App Hub is an initiative by the Vodafone Foundation as part of their “Connecting4Good” program that fosters the use of mobile technology for social good. […]

Five Reasons to consider Educational Tablets for Schools

The acceptance & impact of digital learning is growing at such a fast pace in India that a large number of educationists, schools and organisations are experimenting and trying innovative ways to leverage digital and personalize school education. Numerous digital learning implementations are happening across the country in both private schools and government schools, and with every experience, the entire ed-tech fraternity is actively learning the most suited ways of delivering life shaping digital education. One such aspect that we […]