Educational Tablets for Government Schools

Education for the students in our lacs of government schools is at the cusp of technological innovation and maturity. All government officials, NGOs, social enterprises and CSR Foundations who have worked for years with the ecosystem at government schools, are banking on digital learning & experimenting with models that can finally solve the impending issues and give them regular usage & finally some transformative results. Earlier the buck used to generally stop with teaching aids and teacher training programs. But […]

A new approach to Evaluating Digital Learning for Govt Schools

Success of any social intervention is evaluated by looking at the impact it creates in the lives of the target beneficiaries. And specifically for digital learning projects in government schools, the conventional approach has been to look at improvement in learning outcomes of the students. As we move into the 21st century, which will evaluate you on your skills to adapt to changes around you rather than just your academic knowledge, there is a strong case to relook at our […]

Story of Nisha – The Girl who loves reading books

I have not personally met Nisha but I know her as a child who loves reading books. Nisha is a class 6 student in a government school in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. You are wondering, what is so special about Nisha? A while back, I was reviewing the reports from our project site in Bhiwadi. Typically such a report consists of thousands of rows of data telling us how every child is using our tablets for learning in the school. The row […]