Are you an NGO considering adopting Digital Learning for your target learners?

We strongly believe that access to good education holds the key for nation building. And if you are an NGO or a non-profit organisation working with underserved children to either put them back to school, make learning interesting and fun or working with them on 21st century life skills, we salute your spirit and commend you for the work you are doing on the ground. Your work is transformational and brick by brick you are laying the foundations of our […]

3 Reasons why CSR needs to relook into its Education Strategy

Education is the most preferred investment option in CSR simply because it touches on various aspects of many social problems and is also the most visible intervention for the organizations. According to Prime Database, a capital market data provider, 920 National Stock Exchange listed companies together spent Rs. 2,042 crore on education in FY16, up from Rs. 1,570 crore in FY15. The report also revealed that a good portion of these funds are utilized for non-core activities such as building […]

iDream Education @ Chintan Shivir on Digital Learning by MHRD

When Ministry of Human Resource and Development recently announced about organizing a two-day Chintan Shivir to discuss and create a roadmap for Digital Learning in government schools, we welcomed the news with a lot of excitement. iDream Education was invited to be a part of the same and present our thoughts on Digital Learning for students at our rural and government schools. We as a team have been diligently working and researching on the most relevant solutions for student centric […]