A number of Aamir Khan movies that have come out in the last decade have been a very strong reflection of our existing society and these do question some very basic fundamentals. There is a very subtle delivery of very relevant social messages in his film in a manner, which connects with the audience and uplifts their awareness on the issue. In today’s times when female empowerment and equal opportunity for all is the call of the hour, Dangal with […]

How Lack of Classrooms is impacting Learning in Government Schools

and how even Smart Classes are unable to resolve this crisis Imagine for a while that you are a teacher in a government school. You enter a classroom as the one shown above where due to lack of space over 60 students are cramped into one room. Let’s add another layer of complexity to the situation – the group comprises of students from three different grades. Now, you have 45 minutes and your job is to teach all the students, engage […]

North India Winner under “Impacting Change Through Digital” by Google India

Google SMB Heroes 2017 iDream Education awarded North India Winner by Google India under “Impacting Change through Digital” Category At iDream Education, our focus is to open up learning and skill based training in a fun and engaging manner to every child in rural and semi urban parts of our country. And we are doing this by facilitating local language interactive content on easy to use touch based devices – mobile and tablets. The ground level experience of our team […]