How is lack of Teachers in Govt Schools impacting Student’s Learning Outcomes

Teachers are the fulcrum around which our entire education ecosystem revolves. Especially in the context of a government school where students are not privileged to have various means of accessing information, a teacher is a window to the outside world. As per the Right to Education Act, 2009, there should be one teacher for every 30 students. It is unfortunate however that as many as 18% positions of teachers in government run primary schools and 15% in secondary schools are […]

How Mobile Apps are becoming the next big thing in Education?

Revathy is a class 6 student in a government school located in the tribal areas of Roddam district in Andhra Pradesh. When she grows up, she wants to become a doctor and science she says is her favourite subject. It is unfortunate however that the school has only one science teacher who apart from teaching 8 different classes is also overburdened with a lot of official government work, for which he has to for several days in a year travel […]

Our Obsession with Teachers: CSR at Government Schools

School education definitely and rightfully seems to be the favorite target with major CSR spenders. But while reviewing majority of the programs, one can clearly see one thing – every program is majorly centered around the teacher. Whether it is a teacher training program, or a curriculum enhancement program, or a smart class/digital class setup, the entire focus of the program is basically to train, empower or enable the teacher believing that she will be the source of all learning […]