NEP 2020 – In simple terms

Government had commenced the process of formulating a New Education Policy through the consultation process for an inclusive, participatory and holistic approach; which took expert opinions, field experiences, empirical research, stakeholder feedback, and lessons learnt from best practices into consideration. As stakeholders, it is important that we deep dive to understand what short term and

ICT Labs For Schools

ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. The implementation of ICT labs in schools was launched in 2004 and was revised in 2010 to provide secondary stage students an opportunity to understand in a better way from computer aided learning process. ICT labs in government schools are a component of Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA).

Insights from a field experiment on TABLAB in Govt Schools of AP

From blackboards to digital boards to personalised boards, it has been quite a journey technology has seen inside our classrooms. But even as we enter the 21st century, we are yet to reach a conclusive destination. The journey continues.  We are still experimenting, learning and designing a framework that would solve the last mile learning