Tablet for School Use: 5 Reasons to consider the rich learning source

The acceptance & impact of digital learning is growing at such a fast pace in India that a large number of educationists, schools and organisations are experimenting and trying innovative ways to leverage digital and personalize school education. Numerous digital learning implementations are happening across the country in both private schools and government schools, and

Story of Nisha – The Girl who loves reading books

I have not personally met Nisha but I know her as a child who loves reading books. Nisha is a class 6 student in a government school in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. You are wondering, what is so special about Nisha? A while back, I was reviewing the reports from our project site in Bhiwadi, . Typically

Little Nikhil and his TABLAB Story

Winter fog in northern parts of India can be both menacing and mesmerising. Thankfully on the day I decided to head out to meet Nikhil early in the morning, the fog soon gave way to a bright warm sunshine. The boy in the picture above is Nikhil. He studies in Class VIII in Government Primary