Know-How Learning Tablets Have Helped Empower Girls of Government School in Shimla

Supported by Prof. Dhruv Nath, formerly a professor at MDI Gurgaon and now an angel investor and an author, iDream Education had set up a  TABLAB Tablet-based Smart ICT Lab in Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School, Lakkar Bazar in Shimla. The lab was set up in the memory of the father of Prof. Dhruv Nath, Shri Suresh Nath, and therefore right from the beginning; Prof Nath was personally involved in the project planning and execution. The lab had 20 learning tablets preloaded with HP Board-aligned digital content in Hindi medium and was designed to be used by 100 students on a rotational basis.

 How do learning tablets revamp the rural education challenges?

 It was a girl’s school with a few learning resources like monitors and smart panels but not in a working condition. The objective of our project was to provide hardware and digital content to the students which can be used regularly without any hassle; resulting in increasing student engagement in the classroom. We hope to offer uninterrupted learning resources to these girls and enable them to learn, grow and break the conventional norms of society.

Learning from the tablets in school with no dependence on the internet proved very useful. Earlier, they used to access YouTube to search for relevant information but had difficulty getting the best results. Plus, it required internet, which was still not regular in the part of the city where the school was located. The establishment of TABLAB helped schools improve students’ engagement with the right content.

The girls showed tremendous curiosity to learn and it was thrilling for our team members to see such passion of girls towards learning, growing and exploring career choices that would alter the course of their lives.

Goverment school girls studying from idream educational tablets

A pair of Ardent Learners from  Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School, Lakkar Bazar in Shimla Experiencing Learning From a Learning Tablet

Noticeable changes in just two months of setup

  • The girls explored a lot of content on the tablets, including multimedia videos, reading books, and building projects
  • In that year, the result of the school improved from 67 % to 100 % as students continued to improve their conceptual clarity across topics and subjects. 
  • Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School, Lakkar Bazar was awarded the number 1 school in Shimla in the same year 

It is remarkable to see the kind of changes that have come in the school since the setup of the Tablet-based ICT lab. We reviewed the reasons and realized that the fundamental difference we were able to bring with TabLab was regular usage of the devices. But how did we do that? 

We mention key reasons below: these can help CSR, NGOs, and State Government plan a Smart Class set up in a government school.

Very easy to use hardware

 The TABLAB setup comes with a charging rack that can store and charge the learning tablets. Handling the devices became very easy for teachers and students. This encouraged them to take out and use tablets every day.

Offline availability of content

All digital content was preloaded on the SD Cards and hence required no internet.

Non-dependence on electricity

 From the charging rack, tablets get charged in 3-4 hours anytime during the day. Therefore, learning never stops during school hours as these tablets have a run time of 6 to 7 hours, if once charged for 3-4 hours.

Hindi medium UI & navigation

iPrep learning platform that powers the tablets is a multilingual learning platform where students can choose the language they learn. Once they chose Hindi, all buttons & navigation instructions were available in the same language, making it very comfortable for the students to start operating the platform, search content, and learn, leading to natural adoption with minimal training.

Availability of curriculum-aligned content

 All platform content was aligned with the HP State Board curriculum. Teachers were, therefore, able to integrate the usage of tablets in their lesson plan and drive regular and guided usage with their students.

Enjoyable Hindi medium digital content

Apart from being state board aligned, the content was available in Hindi medium, a language students were most comfortable with. On the platform, there were enjoyable animated videos, activity videos, and books to read like stories, poems, picture books, inspirational biographies, etc.

The key is to truly understand the natural psychology of teachers and students and then have a solution that is aligned with the same. We need to empower our stakeholders, and once we do that, we can be on a journey of transformation, something we have experienced in this school. We hope to take our learning from this experience and continue our work across the country.

govt school girls studying from idream educational tablets
 A step towards imbibing Curiosity and Increasing Student Engagement Through TABLAB

If in case you would like to know more about TABLAB or write to us at You can also leave your comments below and we will be happy to get back to you. And if you have any similar story or a case study to share with us, please do let us know. It would be wonderful to learn and continue to improve the experience of our students and teachers.

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