Every village has many hand pumps which the children use daily.

Can we use that hand pump to sow the seeds of scientific temper in them?

Every child in the villages daily sees bullock carts or manned carts moving.

Can we use an air cart to make him learn how do the wheels move together?

Yes we can!

Our STEM Science Lab is a very impactful Science Learning Program which is custom designed for the government schools, to inculcate an explorative and enjoyable learning mindset in the students.

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Key Differentiators

1. We offer exciting and easy to use toy-like science kits to make working science experiments themselves

2. Our science kits are made of easily available and affordable material, and therefore are extremely affordable at only Rs. 80 to Rs. 120 per kit.

3. Every kit comes with a step by step usage manual and experiment video in local language for best usage

4. We have an extensive range of more than 150 science kits from grade 3rd to 10th, and can therefore customize a program as per the target grades and topics

stem image

The most impactful learning that any science program can offer to the rural students is to ignite their capacity and inquisitiveness to question everything. That is what our STEM Science program aims for underserved students in rural India.

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