We strongly believe that student centric technology if used appropriately, has the power to offer a level playing field to the highly underserved yet brilliant kids in our government and affordable schools.

To actualise the same, with an extensive research at government and rural schools, we have designed a tablet based interactive learning lab, the “Tab Lab”

TabLab marks a major shift in our CSR and government spending on technology in schools, focusing on student centric mobile devices instead of teacher centric computers and Smart Classes. We take away the technology from the hands of the struggling and sometimes uninterested or untrained teacher and give tablets in the hands of the inquisitive and confident child, in a secure, lockable trolley.

Therefore with its safety, ease of use and minimum electricity dependence, Tab Labs can very well be the answer to the unused Smart Classes and computer labs in government schools.

We work with visionary corporates and institutions, to setup and support Tab Labs at government and NGO schools, as a part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

We also work with state governments to plan and execute the best of digital literacy programs and tablet-based labs for effective multimedia learning in our government schools.

Key Features of Tab Lab @ Govt Schools

1. Multimedia Animations and Activity Apps in Local Language Medium
2. Secure Lockable Trolley with auto-charging for all Tablets in government schools.
3. Educational Tablets with specially designed covers and SD Cards

What it gives them?

1. Proactive and Enjoyable Learning with increased student involvement

Born with a tough living condition, rural children are always hungry for entertainment.
Multimedia animations and play way android apps in their own mother tongue open a very exciting world for them to get engaged and learn in the most enjoyable way. It increases their willingness to learn and love coming to school for this.

2. Effective Learning Hardware that really works safe & easy!

The tablets can become the best answer to all the hardware issues, usage issues and electricity/maintenance problems facing our government school computer labs today.
They work for an entire day once charged, need minimal booting/rebooting with robust android, and very rare hardware issues that too covered with direct warranty by manufacturer.

3.Reduced Teacher Dependence and Personalised Play-way Learning

With a Tab Lab in the ideal win-win situation, the government school student gets to play and learn with the tablet, and the teacher becomes a guide to monitor basic discipline and ensure learning support.

That’s actually what both of them love to do!

Wish to consider this as your corporate CSR project?