Digital Learning for Government Schools: Why TABLAB?

Over the years of closely working with schools of all cadres, from the best of international schools to our typical average public schools, and to the rural government schools, we have studied all practical issues that hinder, on-the-ground, un-monitored and regular daily usage of computers for impactful digital learning in rural and semi-urban regions.

At the same time, we have been researching and exploring ways of addressing the issues faced in digital learning for government schools.

That is how the iPrep Digital Library- TabLab has been designed for low-income private schools and underserved government schools.

Key Advantages of an iPrep Digital Library- Tab Lab:

1. Richness and Diversity of Digital Content through iPrep Digital Library- TABLAB and Apps

The tablets offer an incomparably rich and diverse digital learning opportunity to students bringing together an exciting world of enjoyable digital content in both local language and English mediums, interactive learning apps, and easy-to-use practice assessments which are easily accessible to the government school teachers and students.


2. Student Centric and Enjoyable Learning Content

Tablet based Labs (iPrep Digital Library) are fundamentally play-way, and therefore they are very student oriented. iPrep Digital Library can become the only reason why students would love going to schools and enjoy learning via tablets in a guided yet free environment.

3. Proactive digital learning with reduced teacher dependence

Tab Lab opens up government school students to the limitless world of enjoyable self-learning. All that for at least one period every day! Further, the teacher becomes a sitting guide for that period, ensures discipline, and the students experience skill-oriented learning. All that is via the tablets customised for government school, which sometimes is a rare case in such schools in India.


4. Android – a robust OS, apt for rural India

For the govt schools, software support, updates, viruses and crashes can never get repaired easily. Android makes a world of difference to actual usage without errors and downtime. It further brings genuine everyday usage and impact giving the students a hassle-free learning experience.

5. Trigger to a Mobile Learning Revolution

Lastly, with Tablets in schools and low-cost android Mobiles at home, once the students get initiated on touch-based learning at schools, they can continue the same on low-cost android phones that is changing their parent’s lives and work too!

iPrep Digital Library has all the above-mentioned advantages and further refining possibilities. Therefore, it can very well be the answer to the huge learning gap at our government schools.

further, It can bring a much-needed shift of focus on the students. There is an over-emphasis and dependence on government school teachers currently. The iPrep Digital Library will bring a practical balance between responsible and guide-like teachers, and self-driven to learn, empowered students!