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To facilitate more children around the world with access to enjoyable and personalised digital learning content in their own language via tablets, chromebooks, mobile and Smart Class.

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Our work principles



We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work. We want our products to be world class, have the most efficient operational processes and set the best systems for communication and team bonding



You may be motivated about the work you do, but if you are not disciplined, there are more chances that you won’t be able to go far. We believe in maintaining the highest sense of discipline whether it is about our work, meeting the deadlines or communicating between teams, people and organisations with whom we work



At iDream Education, no one is bigger, smaller or lesser important than the other. We are all equals. A committed and a joyful bunch of people who are working together with a single vision in mind - to serve our students and teachers with the best of solutions for learning and growth. Humbleness is a virtue we therefore follow with all our heart


Willingness to Learn

To succeed and achieve excellence, we need to constantly keep evolving ourselves. At iDream Education, we lay a strong focus on continuous learning and upskilling. We learn from outside, from our team members and from ourselves by following a practice of looking inwards, accepting where we are and consciously knowing where we need to go

We believe that the foundation of a world which is progressive, peaceful, sustainable and equitable lies in the education of all children irrespective of their social, economical, cultural and religious status.

At iDream Education, we are working to break all barriers to learning and ensure that every student across the world gets access to growth based education in the language that they understand best and through a platform which is universal and extremely easy to use & manage.

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Become a sales partner

  • At iDream Education, we offer customised tablet, notebook, mobile and Smart Class based digital learning solutions and digital content as per your requirements.
  • We have best suited solutions for both government & private schools, for NGOs, CSRs, foundations, State Government projects, Coaching Institutes and directly for students at home.
  • Across our solutions, we are also open to doing co-branding or white labelling based on business estimate and growth.

We are happy to explore partnership with you, if you are

  • Tablet, notebook, mobile, Smart TV, IFP or other smart class hardware manufacturer and are looking for a learning platform and digital content with reporting
  • Reseller, distributor or a system integrator working with schools, coaching institutes, State Governments or directly with students
  • Social sector and government consultants, NGOs exploring digital learning solutions for their students
  • If you are just starting out in the education sector but you see the potential in our products , please do write to us. We would be happy to understand your business model and suggest best ways to support you in this exciting journey.