Reach & Impact

Empowering Students and Teachers to Learn Unlimited with iPrep

Recent Implementations

An image showing tablet-based digital libraries implemented by iDream Education at the Yellow Room of Sarthak Foundation, offering digital learning opportunities
Image depicting the transformation of educational tablets into digital libraries as part of the Cipla Foundation CSR education project in Maharashtra
Image depicting the M3M Foundation-enabled iPrep learning platform on Primebooks in schools across Haryana as part of their CSR education program
Teacher training session to demonstrate the use of iPrep, a learning platform, on an interactive flat panel
A glimpse of implementation of iPrep Digital Classrooms in Tehri Uttarakhand by iDream Education
Glimpse of iPrep Digital Class, a smart classroom implemented in schools of Mithapur, Gujarat, by iDream Education in partnership with Tata Chemicals
iPrep Digital Class: Smart Classrooms in Kolkata, West Bengal, implemented by iDream Education.
iPrep Digital Class by iDream Education enable blended learning in schools of Karnataka, Bangalore
Teachers using iPrep digital class, a smart class setup implemented in schools across Uttar Pradesh as part of Operation Kayakalp by iDream Education
Image of a smart classroom in a school in Kolkata set up in collaboration with the Smile Foundation by iDream Education.
Glimpse of smart classroom training in smart city saharanpur by iDream Education
Digital Learning government schools in Modern Montesri School in Rampur UP
iPrep Equips Teachers And Learners Of Nandurbar, Maharashtra With Smart Class
iPrep smart class setup in schools of Uttarakhand
iPrep Tablets in Marathi Medium for Maharashtra Board by iDream Education
iPrep Digital Class Brings Smart Education to Remote Uttarakhand
Traditional-to-Digital-iPrep Digital Class Smart Class in Kanchipuram
Digital Class Content in Marathi Board on iPrep
Transformed iPrep Tablets to iPrep Digital Library for safe use of learning tablets
Enhancing Access To Education: iPrep Digital Class Solution in Bhagalpur