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From Tablets to Digital Libraries: CIPLA Foundation CSR Education Project in Government Schools Associated with Sansthan
Educational tablets arranged neatly in a customized digital library for the CSR education project of Cipla Foundation by iDream Education

The CIPLA Foundation CSR educational initiative in the Patalganga and Kurkumbh regions has taken an exciting new turn. Their initial program, providing students with iPrep tablet devices for personalized learning, saw enthusiastic adoption and impressive usage with a record of 28,660 hours in 2022-23.

From Tablets to Digital Libraries in CIPLA Foundation CSR Education Project

However, the CSR Education Project faced challenges. As students carried their educational tablets between home and school, devices were sometimes damaged or misplaced. Recognizing this, we coordinators with the team of the CIPLA Foundation devised the strategy to implement the digital library. In previous phases, students used their tablets at home and school. The new digital library model directly addresses these challenges as students submit their devices in schools to secure tablets in a digital library designed for personalized in school.

The Digital Library Model

 Image showcasing the implementation of digital libraries in government schools of Maharashtra by the iDream Education as part of the Cipla Foundation CSR education project

Students in the extended CSR Education Project of CIPLA Foundation submitted their iPrep tablets to secure, school-based digital libraries. The 31 digital library is specifically setup for 9th and 10th-grade students with offline content aligned with the Maharashtra board curriculum in both Marathi and English. If needed, students can connect to the internet to access content for other grades.

Reach of the Implementation

Location:  Patalganga and Kurkumbh in Maharashtra

Product Implemented: iPrep Digital Library 

No. of students impacted: 4000+

Renewed enthusiasm among students to use digital

The renewal of iPrep licenses, following a one-year gap, led to great excitement among students. We and the CIPLA Foundation are optimistic that this new approach will foster even greater engagement and improved learning outcomes.

A group of teachers engaged in a training session focused on managing and using a digital library effectively. The training emphasizes safe and optimal use of tablet-based digital libraries in school

We expect to see continued improvement in learning outcomes, building on past successes like Karan, a student of class 10th the top iPrep user in 2023-2024 with 1693 hours use of iPrep, and Shreya you, who topped the class 10th exams in the Pune district. By addressing the challenges of the initial CSR Education Project, the digital library strategy aims to empower even more students to excel.If in case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, visit our website, www.idreameducation.org,  or write to us at [email protected]

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