The Genesis - iDream Education

iDream Education lives with a vision…….a vision to bring deeper innovation everyday into every aspect of digital learning solutions currently being set up and used at schools.

The two co founders, Puneet Goyal and Rohit Prakash both worked with schools in edtech and training for a long time, experienced the ground realities and understood deeply the issues that schools face in regularly using and deriving desired learning outcomes from digital learning solutions and hardware. With experience and persistence, when they started seeing the finer solutions which can solve those issues, they started iDream Education.

The single point focus is to break open all the barriers which restrict actual usage of Tablets and Smart Classes in Schools, to greatly simplify the hardware requirements, to facilitate access to rich and diverse digital content and not just animations and videos, to empower the teachers to be world class facilitators; and to happily and proactively engage the students with growth oriented digital learning.

Today both our solutions, the TabLab and Android based Smart Class are bringing deeper innovation to our classrooms and opening up amazing regular usage with transformational learning outcomes.

We wish to strengthen our commitment to this vision and keep working to simplify and improve these solutions for best value to schools and learners.

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