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Our Core Principles


Greatly simplify hardware setup, usage and management in schools and at home


Bring together best of different categories of learning and growth based digital content in local languages on a single dashboard


Enable government school students to access content of junior classes and happily cover up previous learning gaps

Our Solutions

Digital Content for Smart Class I.F.P Smart Class TABLAB Learning tablets Learning tablets Learning tablets Learning tablets Learning App Learning App Learning tablets I.F.P Smart Class TABLAB TABLAB

Whom do we work with?


Aligned with your vision, we deliver tablets, PC Free Smart Class and mobile based digital learning solutions to serve the digital learning needs of your schools, teachers and students. We can custom design Digital Learning projects for... any state board and any local language with impact reports on a centralised reporting dashboard for continuous monitoring.

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As per revised ICT scheme by MHRD, we deliver Tablet based Smart ICT labs for your government schools. And greatly increase the usage of Smart Class through our PC Free Smart Class based digital learning solution... To take digital learning directly to student homes, we collaborate with State Education Departments for offline Personalised Learning Tablets and a State Board Learning App. We work in collaboration with DSERT / SCERTs to completely customise the digital learning content as per your State Board Curriculum. Read More


We work with hardware manufacturers (Tablets, Smart TV, IFPDs), system integrators, Education entrepreneurs, resellers and distributors to deliver high quality digital learning content and Tablet / mobile & Smart Class based digital learning solutions. We can fulfil all your digital learning requirements of your client schools, State Government and CSR based projects with an option for white labelled and co-branded solutions. Read More


We deliver Class 1st to 12th English & Hindi medium CBSE & State Board aligned digital content for smart class usage by teachers (PC Free Smart Class) and for personalised learning... by students on tablets and mobile. Digital content can be customised from our vast library including animated video lessons, STEM Projects, Practice & Tests, Syllabus books, Digital book library, Notes, Practicals and much more Read More

Why iDream Education?



Actively working with CSR/NGOs and on State Government Projects delivering tablet and Smart Class based digital learning solutions



We can custom deliver digital learning projects for any state board in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Oriya

Customised Solutions for

Based on your requirements, budgets, number of schools or students you want to reach out to, we offer customised tablet, mobile and Smart Class based digital learning solutions for any state across India.


We deliver impactful Digital Learning projects with our high-quality digital content for Android and Windows on Tablets and Smart Class

Multiple Categories of Enjoyable Content

Animated Videos, STEM Projects, Syllabus Books, Digital Book library with stories, poems, picture books, biographies and much more, Practice and Tests with feedback, Notes, Practical Videos

Covers all Subjects

Math, EVS, Science, PCMB (11th and 12th), Social Sciences (History, Civics, Geography, Political Science), Commerce (Economics, Accounting, Business Studies), English Literature (1st to 5th), English Grammar, Hindi Vyakaran and Computers

Available in various Languages

Complete coverage in Hindi and English medium for Classes 1st to 12th. Customised content also available in Guajarati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Oriya

Get more out of iDream Education

31 July 2020

Edtech startup, iDream Education, delivers regional language learning content

iDream Education (estd. 2016) an edtech startup delivering digital learning content as per state boards and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for grades 1st to 12th. It offers digital content in seven...

24 April 2020

This Gurugram start-up's free digital learning app is helping Kashmiri students continue studies amid lockdown

iDream Education, a Gurgram-based EdTech start-up had already been working with rural government schools, NGOs and students from humble backgrounds for the last five years

04 April, 2020

#CoronaLockdown: Gurugram Startup Is Ensuring Govt School Kids Still Get Classes

“The app has come at just the right time. We were worried about the losses our students could have incurred because of this lockdown,” says a government school teacher. #CoronaLockdown

On 19th November 2020

PC free Smart Class for Government Schools

What is Smart Class – An assistant for our teachers to teach better, right? In its true sense, a Smart Class is an assistant, a supplementary tool for our teachers who can use it anytime to show a quick animation...

On 12th November 2020

How mobile apps can facilitate ICT in school education

It’s now been several months since the Covid pandemic has created a ruckus in the country and around the world. Along with other aspects, the pandemic has also deeply affected the education of our children.

On 27th October 2020

Habit Of Reading And Its Importance Among Children

Even after holding a master’s degree in Physics; C.V. Raman had to join the Finance Department in Calcutta initially due to lack of apt opportunities during those times. However, his love for Science and Physics...

09 March 2020

Rethinking learning tablet initiatives and their impact on education in Africa

committing millions of dollars to the purchase and distribution of digital learning tablets as a means to substitute deficiencies in their educational systems. Or more altruistically, to allow their young ones catch up with..

06 February, 2019

Screen time for children: Good, bad, or it depends?

This is not the first time when technological advances have created a virtual riot in homes, schools, and offices. When telephones were first introduced in the late 1800s, debates ensued about whether they would...

On 27th October 2020

3 examples of mother tongue education to improve learning

It’s an undisputable fact that children learn better if they understand the language of instruction. When the school curriculum is delivered in a language that students are familiar with, and through which they...

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