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iPrep Digital Classroom Becoming the Future of Education
digital classroom in schools of MP

The successful adaptation and use of digital classrooms in the Government schools of Haryana was thrilling to experience for us as well as for the team of End Poverty NGO. Based on the impact usage reports of smart class in 5 schools of Haryana in Phase 1, the NGO team decided to implement iPrep Digital Class in 5 more government schools of Madhya Pradesh.
During implementation, we discovered that, post-pandemic, teachers in schools were concerned about how to keep students engaged in their studies. The two-year gap in learning led to a decline in student interest in learning. It was then that we realized that providing enjoyable digital content, tailored to the MP Board curriculum for all classes in both Hindi and English medium, could help teachers facilitate interactive classroom sessions and gain students’ interests back.

digital classroom in schools of Madhya Pradesh by idream education

This is what even happened when students first saw animated lessons, digital syllabus books, and interactive lessons on TV; they eagerly asked their teachers to replay the videos and insisted on teaching through lessons in the smart class. Therefore, we say, iPrep Digital Class is a New Age Smart Class for 21st-century schools that empowers teachers and students to Learn Unlimited in Classrooms.
If in case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, visit our website, www.idreameducation.org   or write to us at [email protected]

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iPrep Digital Class

iPrep Digital Class

iPrep Digital Class is an easy to use, new age Smart Classroom solution to empower 21st century schools and teachers with best of Digital Content & Resources with Integrated Reporting & Monitoring Dashboard.

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