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Breaking Barriers of Smart Class Cost: Affordable and Adaptable Smart Class Solutions for Equitable Education Access

Step into a new era of education with our smart class solutions, designed to break barriers of smart class cost to make learning accessible to all. 

iDream Education's iPrep Digital Class, a smart classroom solution, breaking barriers of smart class cost. It is an easy-to-setup, manage, and use digital solution for schools

Today, Education Technology (EdTech) is seamlessly complementing traditional classrooms. It is promising an evolution where students are more engaged, and teachers are more efficient. However, amid the transformative wave of digital learning solutions, the notion of smart classes often raises eyebrows due to perceived smart class cost. 

Beyond the tangible hardware, the true cost encompasses a dynamic spectrum—from the learning platform to the physical location, implementation expenses, training, maintenance and beyond. It’s a comprehensive package, and when all these facets are considered, the price tag attached to smart classes might seem costly to many prospective buyers. 

Let’s navigate the realms of educational innovation, how investment in smart classes can be affordable and drive the future of learning.

Smart Class Cost vary significantly based on factors such as the region, level of education, and specific technological requirements 

  • Smart class cost increases because of the need for advanced infrastructure and technology standards. Costs may include interactive whiteboards, tablets or laptops for students, high-speed internet connectivity, and software. 
  • Smart Class Cost increases because of ongoing expenses for maintenance, software updates, and teacher training contribute to the overall investment. 
  • Smart Class Costs vary between urban and rural areas. Urban schools may have better access to resources and infrastructure, resulting in comparatively lower upfront costs for advanced technologies. In rural settings, the challenge lies in establishing the basic infrastructure before implementing smart classroom solutions, resulting in high cost of implementation. Factors that increase the cost of implementation in rural settings are reliable electricity supply, internet connectivity, and the need for initial setup of a smart class solution. 

Are there any adaptable and affordable smart class solutions to ensure equitable access

Yes, iPrep Digital Class is an affordable and easy to implement smart class solution. It is easy to set up & install, and significantly reduces smart class costs while ensuring updated, rich and joyful content at all times. 

iPrep Digital class is a user-friendly, Smart Classroom solution designed to equip 21st-century schools. It equips teachers with a comprehensive collection of Digital Content & Resources in one accessible platform. This smart class solution streamlines the smart class setup for schools by offering efficient hardware choices. Not only hardware, but, iPrep Digital class offers digital content compatible with any operating system, and seamless offline reporting integrated with automatic synchronization to a cloud-based monitoring dashboard.

iPrep Digital Class eliminates costly digital infrastructure

The cost associated with setting up a smart classroom in India is subject to factors such as room size, incorporated equipment, technology, and the chosen vendor. Traditional smart classrooms often feature interactive displays, projectors, computers, audio tools, and additional technology such as cameras and interactive whiteboards. 

The image may depict a smart classroom setup with interactive flat panel (IFP) Smart TV, Android TV, and OPS technology being used in schools across India

In contrast, iPrep Digital Class streamlines the requirements to just one device, such as an interactive flat panel, smart TV, Open Pluggable System (OPS), Interactive White Boards, or any preferred alternative. The cost of these devices for a Smart Class is reduced, as they do not necessitate extra space, wiring, or furniture. Just like TVs, they can be easily mounted on any classroom wall and only require a single power plug for setup.

iPrep Digital Class eliminates the maintenance, update or training cost

The integration of smart class setups with wired connections and supporting hardware increases cost for maintenance, software updates, and teacher training, thereby contributing to the overall cost of smart classrooms. In contrast, the iPrep digital classroom offers a hassle-free, plug-and-play solution. Teachers simply need to plug in the pen drive and play to deliver lessons through the iPrep content. iPrep can also be pre-loaded in system memory or enabled through a network setup. Software updates are seamlessly handled from the backend, allowing teachers to download and update the learning platform effortlessly. Additionally, the smart class cost remains unaffected by teacher training, as iPrep is an easy-to-use solution. Teachers can operate it without much training, similar to any other Android or Windows app they use in their daily lives on phones or TVs, ultimately reducing the overall smart class cost.

iPrep Digital Class eliminates cost of Internet

The expense of implementing smart classrooms rises significantly when internet access becomes a necessity for learning. The initial consideration is often to establish a reliable internet connection to ensure uninterrupted learning. On the other hand, iPrep Digital Class presents a cost-effective  smart class solution which is designed to work completely offline. It provides all K-12 learning content aligned with the curriculum preloaded on a pendrive, eliminating the requirement for setting up Wi-Fi connections and thereby reducing the overall smart class cost.

Moreover, sustainable implementation partners can go a step further by integrating sustainable solutions such as solar-enabled smart classrooms, effectively eliminating electricity costs in schools. 

iPrep Digital Class by iDream Education: Affordable and adaptable smart class solutions designed for equitable education access, breaking barriers of smart class costs

While the cost of implementing Smart Class technology may initially seem a point of concern, it should not be the primary concern for your social sector education initiatives. Our commitment is to work with you to ensure that the vision of enabling access to quality education and implementation remains within your planned budget. 

Together, we can bridge educational gaps, empower communities, and pave the way for a brighter, technology-enhanced future for all.

If in case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, visit our website,, or write to us at [email protected]

Ayushi Agarwal is an Assistant Manager - Marketing & Content Writing at iDream Education. For 6+ years, she has been writing to create an impact through her powerful content on humanity, equality, and many more issues that have been a key part of today’s world.

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