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Smart Classroom Equipment You Need to Enhance Teaching in Schools

A smart class setup with all smart classroom equipment by iDream Education

When we shop for our homes, we often envision investing in items that are not just durable but also serve a purpose for everyone in the household. The same principle applies when it comes to outfitting classrooms for the future of education. Whether you’re a social sector partner or a government body, the goal is to maximize the impact of educational technology in schools. This is why it’s crucial to carefully consider the essential smart classroom equipment.

A smart classroom is more than a collection of hardware components; it’s a carefully organized ecosystem where technology amplifies the impact of educational partnerships 

While hardware like smart boards, interactive flat panels, and smart TVs are essential, the true power of a smart classroom lies in the software and other digital tools that empower teachers and engage students. By integrating hardware and software seamlessly, we can foster an environment where education is not just a transaction but a dynamic, personalized journey. This holistic approach to smart classroom equipment strengthens educational partnerships, ensuring that technology catalyzes meaningful learning experiences.

Choosing the right smart classroom equipment includes hardware: Smart TVs, Interactive Flat Panels, and Smart Boards

When planning an educational program, the choice of smart classroom hardware is an important decision.  Here’s a breakdown of three popular options to enhance teaching and learning:

  • Smart TV: Smart TVs offer a familiar and affordable entry point for a smart class education program. Their Android-based interface, similar to smartphones, ensures a comfortable transition for both teachers and students. These displays are easy to set up, and manage, and don’t require additional furniture or space. 
  • Interactive Flat Panel: Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) provide a more immersive experience. These large-format touchscreens, also Android-based (with Windows compatibility via OPS), enable dynamic interaction with educational content. Their size ensures visibility in larger classrooms, and the wide array of educational apps expands teaching possibilities. 
  • Smart Board: Smart Boards blend the traditional with the digital. These Android-powered devices function as both a digital board and an interactive display. Teachers can present lessons on a large digital canvas, while students engage directly with content on the board. This versatility bridges traditional and modern teaching styles. Smart Boards are similar to interactive flat panels.

The best choice for your classroom depends on your specific needs. Smart TVs suit smaller classrooms with limited budgets. Interactive Flat Panels excel in larger spaces where interactivity and visibility are key. Smart Boards offer a balanced solution, blending traditional and digital approaches. Consider your classroom size, budget, and desired level of interactivity, when making your decision on hardware. This is a main part of all smart classroom equipments.

Other Smart Classroom Equipment needs to be considered while planning an education program to achieve a meaningful impact

An illustration showcasing a list of smart classroom equipment by iDream Education, designed to enhance teaching in schools

Education Software

Implementing only smart classroom hardware will not achieve the goals of educational programs. Without access to appropriate educational software, teachers will be forced to search for relevant content akin to textbooks on the internet. This not only leads to inefficient time management but also risks underutilizing the potential of the technology investment.

Therefore, the most important smart classroom equipment is comprehensive educational software. The platform offers curriculum-aligned digital content, interactive exercises, and engaging videos that foster conceptual understanding. By empowering teachers with a multi-category digital content library, solutions such as iPrep not only enhance classroom engagement but also improve the learning experience into a joyful journey. This smart classroom equipment ensures that technology serves as a catalyst for educational growth, rather than merely replacing outdated tools with digital counterparts.

Accessibility to Content

Another significant piece of smart classroom equipment is the device that delivers content for the smart class hardware. This is crucial because many government schools face challenges with internet speed and connectivity, making it difficult for teachers to access and use smart classrooms, even when content is available. To address this issue, we provide preloaded content on pen drives for smart classes, ensuring offline access to digital learning materials. Therefore, pen drives become the most important smart classroom equipment for education programs. Consequently, the internet is only required during the installation and initial login on the iPrep learning platform. After that, all content within iPrep can be accessed offline, ensuring uninterrupted learning experiences regardless of internet connectivity limitations.

Reporting and Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of smart class usage is essential to keep track of the progress of the education program and ensure data-driven decision-making for all stakeholders. iPrep’s reporting dashboard is a smart classroom equipment that provides a comprehensive solution to monitor usage by automatically syncing reports whenever a smart class device connects to the internet. This dashboard empowers program managers to assess the impact of their initiatives, while teachers track their usage patterns, fostering continuous improvement. Additionally, this real-time data allows the backend team to identify trends and implement targeted strategies to motivate and retrain teachers, ultimately optimizing the utilization of smart class technology.

Tech-Enabled Assessments

Assessments play a pivotal role in education programs, going beyond the implementation of education technology. They are integral components of smart class equipment, providing valuable insights into student progress and areas for improvement. By utilizing a combination of baseline, midline, and endline assessments, we comprehensively evaluate student learning improvements. Leveraging tablets and platforms like Zoho Form, baseline assessments gauge students’ foundational knowledge across various subjects and grade levels. This data-driven approach further enables personalization and catering to individual learning needs. Similarly, Endline assessments offer a snapshot of student progress at the culmination of a program. By comparing baseline and Endline data, teachers, program managers, and other stakeholders can measure the effectiveness of teaching through smart classes and identify areas for enhancement. This data-driven cycle of continuous improvement ensures that education programs are constantly evolving to best serve students. 

Case Study: How Smart Classroom Equipment in Smart Class Education Program Strealiness Need and Result in Improvement in Learning 

Earlier in 2022, we implemented “iPrep Digital Class,” our smart classroom solution, in 10 government schools in Noida, in collaboration with LG. To create immersive and interactive classrooms, we set up a 65-inch touch panel with preloaded offline digital content in both Hindi and English for grades 6th to 12th across all subjects.

A teacher using a preinstalled learning platform, iPrep, on a 65-inch interactive flat panel (IFP) setup by iDream Education to teach a classroom of students.

Measuring the Impact

We conducted baseline assessments at the start of the 2023 academic year with 514 students and endline assessments at the end of the academic year with 217 students who were common in both assessments. The results demonstrated a positive improvement in student learning outcomes:

  • Overall Progress: The majority of students advanced from beginner to intermediate skill levels, with some even achieving grade-level proficiency by the endline assessment.
  • Math Improvement: A notable shift was observed in math, with many students initially at beginner levels reaching grade-level proficiency or sustaining intermediate/advanced performance.
  • English Grammar: Balanced initial skill distribution saw a substantial increase in advanced and grade-level learners by the endline.
  • Science: Decrease in beginner-level students and significant growth in grade-level proficiency across most grades.
  • SST: Noticeable shift from beginner towards intermediate and advanced levels, with some students achieving grade-level proficiency.

These improvements were achieved through a combination of ongoing teacher support and effective smart classroom equipment:

  • Teacher Training: Our ground team provided monthly retraining and motivation sessions for teachers, ensuring consistent usage and exploring innovative ways to integrate smart classes into their teaching practices.
  • Consistent Usage: iPrep content was regularly utilized throughout the year, mostly in August, September, and December, reflecting its integration into regular teaching routines.
  • Grade-wise Engagement: Class 9 and Class 10 showed the highest usage of iPrep, highlighting its importance in higher grades for reinforcing concepts.
  • Interactive Learning: Video lessons and practice sessions were the most used categories, indicating a preference for interactive learning in classrooms.

These positive outcomes were made possible by a carefully considered selection of smart class equipment, including:

  • 65-inch IFP panels with preinstalled learning platform iPrep.
  • Curriculum-aligned content on preloaded pen drives 
  • Real-time data tracking to monitor usage and progress
  • Baseline and Endline assessments to gauge learning level and improvement of students in a year

Our experience in Noida exemplifies how the strategic integration of smart classroom equipment, coupled with ongoing teacher support and data-driven insights, can result in improvement in learning. 

The Way Forward

The right smart classroom equipment is more than just a technology in classrooms; it’s a catalyst for improving learning experiences.  By carefully considering the needs of your students, teachers, and curriculum, you can plan an effective education program that fosters engagement, collaboration, and deep understanding. Partner with us for a comprehensive selection of smart classroom equipment that is both impactful and cost-effective.

If you are planning to implement a comprehensive smart class education program with all the smart classroom equipment, contact us at +91 9501110665 or write to us at

Ayushi Agarwal is an Assistant Manager - Marketing & Content Writing at iDream Education. With 7+ years of writing, her focus has shifted passionately to education over the past two years. Her dedication lies in researching and crafting content around solutions that address learning gaps, drive sustainable digital learning programs, empower last-mile learners, and ensure educational access for all. This commitment makes her work a valuable asset for social sector leaders seeking to drive change.

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