Challenges of ICT Lab

In previous two blogs, we have talked about What is an ICT Lab and what are the benefits of ICT Lab for schools, teachers and the students. In this blog, we are going to look at most pertinent challenges which have emerged while setting up and managing ICT labs in government schools across the country.

Benefits of ICT Lab

In one of the earlier blogs, we have written about what is the meaning of the ICT Lab and how it has transitioned from when they were introduced in our classrooms to how progressive they look today.  In this blog, we are going to put forth some of the benefits of the typical ICT Lab

What is an ICT Lab? – Then & Now

What is an ICT Lab? ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology and was first introduced in India in 2004. The education department then revised the ICT policy in 2010 giving secondary students an opportunity to learn better using computer aided learning. The Ministry of Education had recently once again revised the policy, about which