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Nagar Nigam Smart Class Project in Smart City Saharanpur, UP
Glimpse of smart classroom training in smart city saharanpur by iDream Education

Integration of iPrep into the Nagar Nigam Smart Class Project is a unique stride towards enhancing education in Smart City Saharanpur, UP. A dynamic shift in the learning landscape is unfolding by implementing smart classes in 20 schools through a central setup in the Nagar Nigam office. This innovative project has introduced a server setup housing comprehensive educational content aligned with the UP Board curriculum in Hindi and English for students ranging from classes 1 to 12.

Teacher training on making best use of content categories on iPrep in Nagar Nigam Smart Class Project in Saharanpur, UP by iDream Education

By establishing a centralized server setup within the Nagar Nigam office, connected to a Local Area Network (LAN), the project has scaled the implementation of iPrep. This setup seamlessly connects with 20 Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) distributed across 20 schools. An additional boon of the approach is streamlined content distribution, a significant reduction in costs, and the availability of offline smart class content, eliminating the necessity for continuous internet connectivity. 

Teacher training on using iPrep in Nagar Nigam Smart Class Project in Saharanpur, UP by iDream Education

The impact of the Nagar Nigam Smart Class Project can be witnessed in the enhanced teacher-learning experience across 20 schools. Teachers have started to use iPrep, eagerly immersing themselves in syllabus books, video lessons, and more.

The implementation is a testament to the government’s strategic collaboration with hardware providers and EdTech, aiming to empower both students and teachers with a learning platform. As the usage of smart classrooms progresses, it holds the promise of fostering an education ecosystem that is immersive, inclusive, and limitless in its potential.

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