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Reaching Rural Karnataka: iPrep Digital Library Phase I Begins

Let us all together walkthrough the time when iPrep Digital Library entered Karnataka

Young Learners of Karnataka Using iPrep Digital Library

During the times when the idea of digitizing things or processes was at its peak, During the times when almost everything was made available at the tips of your fingers, During the times when gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets were not considered a privilege, there were still some places where young learners were still deprived of access to some basic learning resources while digital learning was far beyond their imagination. 

As an organization, we aim to facilitate universal access to Learning and Growth for every last-mile learner. That vision itself led us to several rural government schools in Karnataka with iPrep Digital Library in 2019. 

What did phase 1 of iPrep Digital Library in Karnataka cover?

Within the first phase of our association with our CSR partner Samsung, we implemented iPrep Digital Libraries- TABLABs. These were tablet-based Digital Libraries in the rural government schools of 2 different districts Ramanagara and Tumkur. Here we covered 25 schools each for both districts.

During this implementation, we provided iPrep Tablets that were preloaded with enjoyable and curriculum-aligned rich digital content. This content was in Both English and Kannada for classes 1st to 10th together with auto charging and a lockable tablet cart. All that makes the iPrep Digital Libraries secure and easy to set up, use and maintain.

Offline Digital Learning In Karnataka's Schools
Offline Digital Learning In Karnataka’s Schools

The aim was to Give offline access to enjoyable digital learning content directly to government school students. All that to increase their engagement in the classroom. Also, we aimed to empower teachers with a digital tool to help them guide students better and improve educational outcomes.

The TABLABs there were used proactively as teachers got efficient helping hands for delivering personal attention. Also, students were enjoying learning in a non-judgemental and personalized way, something they never even imagined of. 

Hoping to see iPrep Digital Libraries reach more and more schools in Karnataka.

If in case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, visit our website, www.idreameducation.org   or write to us at share@idreameducation.org

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