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Digital Classrooms in Tehri Uttarakhand: Phase 2 Implementation and Teacher Training Experience

In collaboration with LIC Housing Finance and Mount Valley Development Association, we expanded smart classes in 2 more schools of Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. One of these schools is private and has five teachers. While the other one is a government school, which operates with just one teacher.

Glimpse of teacher training session to use iPrep on a Smart Class setup, aiming to enable an interactive classroom learning experience

In this process of implementing smart classes in Purnanand public school, we came across a unique situation. Our team members were unable to find a technician to mount the 50-inch Smart TV as the school is located on the highest peak of the village. Undeterred, one of our ground team members took this into his hands, showcasing dedication to bringing educational resources to even the most hard-to-reach corners.

Glimpse of teacher training session to use iPrep on a Smart Class setup, aiming to enable an interactive classroom learning experience.

Teachers and students were excited to see how we mounted a smart class in just a few minutes. They were excited to use the smart class content by themselves. This is when our team began with teacher training and started navigating iPrep’s content. Both the schools had access to different classes. As one of the school is primary they had access to offline content of K-5. In second school, teachers got access to offline content for K-12. The content is aligned with the NCERT curriculum and is made available in both English and Hindi. Seeing the smart class content similar to textbooks on the smart TV in their preferred language made the teachers eager to use it.

Reach of Digital Classrooms in Tehri Uttarakhand in Phase 2

District: Tehri Garhwal 

State: Uttarakhand

No. of Students Impacted:  500+

No. of Teachers Impacted:  20 +

Inspiring highlights from implementation and training

  • The government school, with only one teacher, serves as a common hub for students from three to four nearby villages. 
  • Teachers of the schools were happy to see smart classes in their schools. Many of them said,  “Smart classrooms will help us facilitate interactive classroom experience for students. Moreover, “The accessibility of content similar to textbooks will help us transition from teaching through textbooks to smart classroom content smoothly
Image showing a group of teachers engaged in training sessions on utilizing smart classroom technology, conducted by iDream Education in schools across Uttarakhand

Our team also visited schools where we implemented smart classes in phase 1 to see how iPrep is being used by teachers and students. The visit was quite motivational where teachers shared their thoughts on how iPrep is helping them engage students in learning. They talked about how attendance at schools has gone up since they started using iPrep Digital Class.

One of the teachers, Sir Teja Singh expressed his trust on iPrep Digital Class sayingEngaging students in continuous learning has always been a point of concern for us because of many reasons but with the availability of smart classes, it has become easy for us to teach, engage and comprehend”.

Happy to hear and hope to see similar engagement and improvement in phase 2 implementation. If in case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, visit our website, www.idreameducation.org, or write to us at share@idreameducation.org

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