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Smart Classroom in Unnao District of UP

To bring digital learning to school in Mohan Village, Unnao District, UP, known for its significant student strength, ReNew Foundation, in collaboration with iDream Education, has implemented iPrep Digital Class (a smart classroom solution) at Gandhi Mission HMKD Inter College. This is the first-ever installation of the digital learning solution in the school.

About the Implementation of iPrep Digital Class

iPrep Digital Class is implemented with a big 65-inch LG interactive screen in the school, turning classrooms into digital classrooms. The integration of technology is a step to enhance the teaching and learning experience in schools.  

Teacher using annotation tool on an interactive flat panel, implemented in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh.

Embracing Smart Class Content Enthusiasm

The teachers and students of Gandhi Mission HMKD Inter College have exhibited an inspiring eagerness to embrace the digital shift in education. During the training sessions, they displayed curiosity and politeness toward learning to use iPrep’s content on LG IFP. They were happy to see digital learning content, aligning perfectly with the textbooks and covering classes from 6th to 12th in Hindi and English, following the UP Board curriculum.

Reach of Smart Classroom in Unnao District of UP

No. of Students: Over 1700

No. of Teachers: Over 30

Curriculum Aligned Digital Content Enabling Joyful Teaching and Learning

‘Implementation and training of Smart Classroom in Unnao District of UP was an uplifting experience’, quotes  One science teacher, captivated by the possibilities of the smart class. When iDream Education first arrived at the school, he had been conducting his class traditionally. He then eagerly participated in our training. After completing the training, he invited his class to a smart classroom and used video lessons to teach the same chapter. He said, “ My constant concern during teaching was to ensure a joyful session where both students and I actively engage. With smart class, I saw this happening. Students are asking questions and showing genuine interest”.

Teacher engaging with iPrep, a learning platform, on a smart class setup implemented in their schools

The enthusiasm among teachers was inspiring as they expressed their appreciation for the effort to make teaching more efficient. 

The iPrep Digital Class has sparked joy and happiness among teachers and we hope it helps teachers drive impact through their teaching with iPrep’s content. 

In case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, visit our website, www.idreameducation.org, or write to us at [email protected]

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iPrep Digital Class

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