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How Smart Classes are Bringing Joy in Schools of Uttarakhand?

Implementing smart classes in schools of Uttarakhand has brought immense joy to both the students and the team behind it. The enthusiasm of the students to learn in a technologically advanced environment was heartening. Despite being schools in the mountains, the team introduced teachers and students to digital teaching and learning opportunities through iPrep Digital Class, a smart classroom solution.

iPrep in schools of Uttarakhand

The team faced challenges getting smart classes mounted on the walls due to the geographical location of the schools. However, they were undeterred and arranged the necessary tools to mount smart classes on their own. The team introduced teachers and students to iPrep by playing the content of different classes. It was amazing to see the young learners of primary classes read and sing story lessons, rhymes, and chapters with iPrep.

iPrep for digital teaching in schools Uttarakhand

Reach of the Implementation in Schools of Uttarakhand

Schools Reached: 6

Solution Implemented: iPrep Digital Class

Teachers Impacted: More than 15 

Students Impacted: More than 200

smart classrooms in Uttarakhand by iDream Education

The availability of a 50 Inch TV with a pre-installed iPrep, and Pendrive plugged with Uttarakhand board-aligned offline digital content for KG to class 5th in Hindi and English Medium made this initiative possible. With the completion of the implementation, we hope to reach many more learners and enable unlimited learning opportunities through iPrep. The innocence on the faces of those little learners inspired the team. We are determined to bring smart classes to more schools in the region, thereby improving the quality of education in Uttarakhand.

If in case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, visit our website, www.idreameducation.org  or write to us at [email protected]

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