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Enabling iPrep Preinstalled on Primebooks in Schools of Haryana: Phase 2

In a progressive step towards enhancing digital education in Haryana’s Nuh District, M3M Foundation has taken a step forward by extending the implementation of iPrep preinstalled on Primebooks to two more schools, with 25 Primebooks allocated to each. This expansion, following the successful implementation in one school initially, marks a pivotal moment in the integration of technology into education within the region. 

Revamped computer labs into digital library rooms

With this, students are now empowered to access educational resources more efficiently.

An image showing the iPrep learning platform on PrimeBooks, in a digital library, being accessed in schools across Haryana, India

The transition from computer labs to ICT Labs equipped with iPrep preinstalled on Primebooks in schools of Haryana signifies a shift towards personalized K-12 learning. With Haryana Board-aligned content for classes 1st to 12th and available offline in Hindi language, students have a versatile learning tool at their fingertips. These labs in schools will cater to the diverse learning needs of students across different grades, ensuring equitable access to quality education.

Reach of the Primebooks in Schools of Haryana

State: Haryana

District: Nuh in Tauru

Students Impacted: 1200+

Teachers Impacted: 20+

Our Experience from the training sessions conducted for students and teachers 

  • Students expressed happiness in exploring animated lessons and practicals similar to textbook content. They found them more accessible and engaging. 
  • On the other hand, teachers welcomed the integration of technology as a means to enhance their teaching effectiveness. They further appreciated the availability of textbook content on iPrep that will help them clarify complex concepts and facilitate comprehensive revision.
Image depicting students utilizing iPrep by iDream Education in schools across Haryana.

It was heartening to witness the enthusiasm among students and teachers towards embracing digital learning solutions. What was most heartening to hear teachers plan to integrate Primebooks into regular teaching through structured digital library timetables. This reflected their proactive approach towards maximizing the potential of available educational resources. 

Enabling cost-effective customer education technology (such as Primebooks in Schools of Haryana) in your education program holds promise for fostering a more interactive and enriching learning environment, ultimately benefiting the entire school community.

If in case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, visit our website, www.idreameducation.org, or write to us at [email protected]

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