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Explore the Convenience of Teaching with Smart Class Content Aligned with the Marathi Board

Maharashtra has one of India’s largest public school systems, catering to a vast and diverse student population. However, despite the government’s efforts, the quality of education in many government schools remains a significant concern. The need for smart classrooms in government schools has arisen due to various factors such as inadequate infrastructure, insufficient teaching aids, and limited access to technology. A similar concern was assessed by project coordinators of the CIPLA Foundation, who closely work with government school students and teachers. This is when they extended the implementation of iPrep Tablets and iPrep Digital Library to smart classrooms.

Smart Class Content in Marathi Board on iPrep

We then implemented 108 iPrep Digital Class in government schools of Kurkumbh, Patalganga and Satara in MH. To make digital adoption easy and efficient for students and teachers, we enabled content for classes 5th to 10th in Marathi and English medium aligned to Maharashtra Board and all was preloaded onto devices for offline access.

Reach of Smart Class Content in Marathi Board

State: Maharashtra

Regions Covered: Kurkumbh, Patalganga and Satara

Solution implemented: iPrep Digital Class

Schools reached: 29

Number of students impacted: More than 14000

Number of Teachers impacted: More than 300

With curriculum-aligned smart class content in schools, teachers have been able to create an interactive and engaging learning environment for their students. The use of smart classrooms has allowed teachers to access a vast amount of content at the click of a button, providing them with a range of teaching materials to enrich their lessons. Thus, in our regular school visits, we found that teachers have jelled well with smart classroom content on iPrep. All this is possible because of the availability of content similar to textbooks and engagement-driving aspects. 

Smart Class Content in Marathi Board and other State Board on iPrep

As we move forward, we expect to see smart classrooms play an increasingly vital role in education, providing teachers with the capabilities they need to deliver high-quality instruction and personalise learning for each student.

If in case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, visit our website, www.idreameducation.org  or write to us at [email protected]

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