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Tata Chemicals Setsup Smart Classrooms in Schools of Mithapur, Gujarat with iDream Education

In collaboration with Tata Chemicals, we implemented smart classrooms in schools of Mithapur Gujarat by setting up iPrep Digital Class.

Teacher training session conducted by iDream Education on the implementation of iPrep digital class, and smart setup in schools of Mithapur, Gujarat.

The introduction of smart classrooms in schools of Mithapur, Gujarat has initiated a new era of digital education, with N. Kamath, the CMO of Tata Chemical, inaugurated this exciting initiative. It was exciting to see both teachers and students looking with gleaning eyes as they were about to experience a 21st-century Smart Class setup for the first time! 

It is moments like these that make us happy about the work we are able to do, and the gratitude it holds for its partners such as Tata Chemicals is immense. With these interventions, students and teachers who hitherto had limited access to education resources are able to set up quality education & a teaching-learning experience similar to those of their private school counterparts!  

Reach of Implementation

District: Mithapur

State: Gujarat

No. of Students Impacted: Over 900

No. of Teachers Impacted: Over 30

Highlights from the training of smart classrooms in schools of Mithapur, Gujarat

Smart Classroom Teacher Training in Mithapur, Gujarat by iDream Education

Teachers and students both enthusiastically participated in the training. They were happy to navigate the content in the smart class as it was exactly like what is in their textbooks. Teachers specifically liked the availability of subject lessons in the form of animated form for grades 1st to 8th. Many of them talked about their concern about having Gujarat Board-aligned digital content in Gujarati Medium. One of them said, 

We do have textbooks aligned with board and language but when we want to explain something through digital form then it becomes difficult for us to find textbook-aligned content online but now we can easily switch to digital”.

Teachers also admired iPrep Digital Class, a smart classroom solution, on a huge 75-inch LG Interactive Flat Panel (IFP), making the entire setup fascinating, and easy to use with fingertips. 

One notable feature that captured the teachers’ attention during training was the annotation tool on the Interactive panel. Many of them came forward and created 2D and 3D images and drew precise geometrical shapes using touch functionality and said, “This will significantly reduce our effort to draw visuals on board which we draw for easy comprehension”. 

To Conclude

Smart Classrooms in Schools of Mithapur Gujarat have led to enthusiasm among teachers on using technology in their daily teaching routines. We hope smart classroom setup schools of Gujarat will open up new avenues for interactive and engaging classroom teaching and learning.

If in case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, visit our website, www.idreameducation.org   or write to us at [email protected]

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