Frequently Asked Questions


Why is this solution called the “TABLAB®â€ť?
How does the school plan the usage time for the TABLAB® in their schedule?
How is effective training and re-enforcement ensured for the government school teachers and students?
Local Language Training Display Boards
Local Language Training Manuals
Training Videos on the Tablets

Support, Updation and Warranty

How does iDream Education facilitate hardware support and warranty for tablets?
Will the learning multimedia content be usable after the project period of 1 year or 3 years?
What happens if the tablets break down or have any technical issue?
How will iDream Education upgrade the content in the tablet?

CSR Projects Implementation and NGO Support

Will iDream Education work with our existing NGO partners who are implementing our education programs in CSR?
Is iDream Education an NGO and can you provide the tax exemption benefits to the CSR project funder?
What happens to the TABLAB® after the CSR project duration ends?
In which all states does iDream Education have the capability to implement TABLAB® as a CSR project for e learning in government schools?

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