Learning Pen Drives

Buy a Pen Drive with offline Educational Content for in-Home Learning

e-learning educational pendrive by iDream

Benefits Of iDream Learning Pendrives

educational pendrive benefits - plug & play

Plug n play on any Windows device

educational pendrive benefits - works offline

Works offline - no internet required

iDream pendrives comes with complete concept clarity

Complete concept clarity through animations

our pendrives have enjoyable content

Enjoyable Learning with best of understanding

we have real life connected videos in our pendrives

Real life connected videos that are engaging and build a proactive interest to learn

Components of an Educational Pen Drive

Safe to use metal body pen drive

Safe to use metal body pen drive

our pendrives have curriculum mapped animated videos

Curriculum mapped animated videos with 1 year validity

iDream pendrive covers all subjects

Covers all subjects and classes 1st to 12th as per NCERT curriculum

we have built in activities & MCQs

Built in activities - MCQs, fill in the blanks, True/False, match the following

Additional free content

NCERT textbooks, project & activity making videos, life skills, rich digital book library
For classes 11 & 12, complete IITJEE/NEET preparatory course from IITPAL initiative

Get 3 Classes In One Pen Drive For Continued Learning

iDream Pendrives covers your last year gaps

Cover up your last year gaps

Buy idream learning pendrives anytime during the year

Buy anytime during the year

get the next year’s content included

Get the next year’s content included

Subjects Covered

1st - 12th as per NCERT curriculum

Available in English and Hindi medium for all subjects