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iDream Education awarded the Nexus of Good Award for its Impactful Work in Education during COVID

The iDream Education team was humbled to receive the Nexus of Good award in September 2022, recognizing and honoring our dedicated efforts to facilitate quality education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Image of Rohit Prakash the co-founder of iDream Education receiving Nexus of Good award for iPrep app

About Nexus of Good

Nexus of Good is a leading voice in civil society transformation that believes in identifying, understanding, appreciating, replicating, and scaling the good work that is being done in society to inspire more good work forming a chain of goodness.

About the iPrep Learning App Initiative during COVID-19

Our digital learning platform, iPrep, emerged as a crucial initiative, striving to guarantee uninterrupted learning for students in rural and government schools amidst the challenges posed by school closures during the pandemic.

iPrep App by iDream Education is a learning platform for students from K-12 that offers rich digital content for all subjects and skills to promote the holistic development of students as per the NEP 2020 standards. 

This bilingual learning app works on all hardware devices and includes multi-grade access to multi-category and curriculum-aligned digital learning content such as bite-sized animated video lessons, audiobooks, climate action courses, and interactive video lessons in a single subscription.

The way forward with iPrep: Enabling learning for all

We are thankful to Nexus of Good for this honorable award. This further empowers every member of the iDream Education Team to work harder towards our vision of facilitating universal access to learning and growth.

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iPrep offers rich digital content for classes 1st to 12th all subjects and skills, is bilingual, works on all hardware devices and includes multi grade access in a single subscription to facilitate universal access to Learning and Growth.

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