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“iDream Education’s focus On Its Vision Featured On Dainik Jagaran”

At iDream Education, we work with the vision to Facilitate Universal Access To Learning and Growth for every last-mile learner in India. Recently, iDream Education’s Focus On its vision was featured in a prominent newspaper- Dainik Jagran, highlighting our journey as a contributor to the education sector.

Dainik Jagran featured a conversation with our Managing Director Mr. Puneet Goyal where he shared his story of becoming an entrepreneur and founding iDream Education together with our iDream Education’s Co-founder Mr. Rohit Prakash. They further connected with our work of taking digital learning on tablets and mobile to rural students and government schools with iPrep Tablets and iPrep Learning Platform.

Let us quote the piece share by the newspaper.

iDream Education's Focus On Its Vision Featured
iDream Education’s Focus On Its Vision Featured On A Dainik Jagran

“Puneet Goyal and his partner Rohit Prakash worked in the corporate world for some time. He learned a lot. Enjoyed the work. But then moving forward in life decided to do something concrete so that society would also be benefited. Thus, the EdTech Startup ‘iDream Education’ was born. With this, students of remote rural areas can get digital content in their language. The company’s co-founder Puneet says the startup experience has been quite satisfying. This gives a feeling of a different kind of freedom. We can live life with work in our way. Get inspired to move forward with responsibility.

Me and my partner Rohit Prakash both, belong to a middle-class family. We have also done B. Tech and then MBA from MDI, Gurgaon. Thereafter, I worked at Oracle as a Technology Business Development Professional. Had a great experience here. Got complete freedom to learn, roam, and business development. But both of us wanted to do something in the education sector since college time. The next step was entrepreneurship the day I repaid my car and education loan. I first started an ed-tech distribution company. This allowed me to work with many companies in the education sector. We set up English, maths, and computer labs in schools. During this, Rohit was working on his startup. In 2015, we both decided to take digital learning to students from far and wide.

Decided to do so and thus began iDream Education. With digital content in regional language, We both had the opportunity to work with more than 50 government schools in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu and then realized that our Quality digital content is not reaching the rural and semi-urban students. We observed that digital content or digital learning hardware was not available even in regional languages, while Android devices had reached remote rural and urban areas. Learners in regional languages ​​were using digital tools like Google, Gmail, and WhatsApp. We decided to give students an opportunity to learn in their own language through Android.

We developed TabLab Called iPrep Digital Library which acts as a plug and play digital learning smart ICT lab in schools. On this offline learning platform, students get digital content like video lessons, project videos, books library, practice assessment. The team works hard. Many types of risks have to be taken in business. But if there is patience, then even the difficulties will become easier.

Today when I see the platform growing and the sparkle in the eyes of the students, it inspires the team to work on software platforms. People work till 2 am, traveling in buses and trains, to ensure that students get the best of content in regional languages. Sometimes we remain hungry, but this does not demoralize us. We want every learning student to get full opportunity.”

– Anshu Singh, Dainik Jagran

We are glad to be featured in the Dainik Jagran Newspaper article and for the recognition, we got for our vision and journey in the Education sector. This motivates me to work even harder to make our vision, a reality with an inspiring and hard-work-packed journey down the line.

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