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iPrep Tablets For Digital Learning In the tribal-dominated Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh

“Dhar District” is a tribal-dominated district that is also considered one of the hardest-to-reach places for resources that are widely common for us in the urban areas of the nation. One of these resources is access to quality education. The backwardness in this rural district of Madhya Pradesh was so much evident a few years back that nobody could have easily imagined the presence of digital learning in the tribal-dominated Dhar District.

But the best thing about time is that it changes and mostly it changes for good. Just like that, in 2021, times started to change for good for some rural government school learners with the implementation of digital learning in the tribal-dominated Dhar District in the form of iPrep Tablets that are personal learning devices preloaded with rich digital content for 1st to 12th all subjects, including animated video lessons, practice questions, practicals, digital syllabus books, notes, and assessments, all in English, Hindi, and other language mediums.

The best thing about this implementation was that it was recognized and featured by multiple newspapers and media houses just as in the image placed above. We are thankful to Cipla foundation for partnering with us for this initiative and we look forward to much more associations like these.

We at iDream Education work with the vision to facilitate universal access to learning and growth to every last-mile learner and it is implementations like these that actually bring us closer to our vision and what we aim to become as an organization.

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