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The Launch Of iDream Learning App In The Limelight

The Launch Of iDream Learning App
The Launch Of iDream Learning App

In April 2020, when the world came to a standstill due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our team refused to accept a pause in the learning and growth of school-going learners. To address this issue, we developed the iDream Learning app, an e learning app from iDream Education which was an all-in-one platform catering to the learning and growth needs of learners from classes one to 12.

On 18th April 2020, “Dainik Yugpaksh,” a prominent newspaper from The Bhaskar group, covered the launch of the iDream Learning app in Rajasthan. The article highlighted how the app uses animated video lessons, digital books, and other engaging video content to make school-based learning an enjoyable experience for learners. Additionally, the article mentioned Mr. Hukum Chand Chaudhary, a teacher who worked as a national motivator for the iDream Learning app. Mr. Hukum Chand Chaudhary has made made major contributions towards delivering the best possible learning resources to all learners and we were glad to have him as the national motivator for our app.

We extend our gratitude to Dainik Yugpaksh for featuring the launch of iDream Learning app and to Mr. Hukum Chand Chaudhary for serving as the national motivator for our app. As we moved forward, we rebranded the iDream Learning app as the iPrep App, a one-stop solution for K-12 learning.


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