The journey from a good teacher to a personalised mentor and a guide

There is a very interesting analogy in how the game of cricket has evolved over the years and how our education system can take a few cues and adapt to the way the 21st century is shaping up. Read below to explore this connection deeper. Imagine that you have come to learn how to play cricket. Let’s assume for a while that you wish to be a batsman. Your coach comes to you, gets you all padded up, goes over […]

Scalable Social Impact and Business Opportunity in Personalised Digital Learning

The education system, the schools and the parent community are all waking up to the fundamental need of personalised and skill oriented learning for our students. The MHRD, state education departments, and almost all schools are exploring ways to facilitate personalised learning solutions to their students. Every parent today is also thinking about ways to make learning more engaging, personalised and growth oriented for their children. What does this shift mean for the fraternity which serves the schools, coaching centres […]

How to bridge Grade Level Gaps in our Rural Learners?

One of the most talked about gap areas when it comes to our government schools is that the children are not at their grade level. What this means is that a child in grade 5 is not able to read words that a Grade 2 child should be able to. Similarly, a grade 6 child may not be able to solve mathematical problems that probably a Grade 3 child should be able to. And yet every year, children are being […]