Story of evolution of Tablet Charging Rack – Best way to use Educational Tablets in Schools

Tablet Charging Rack or the Tablet trolley has been THE most critical element of TABLAB. But when we had started our journey, it was not so. Here’s a story of an important innovation we have brought for rural digital learning. First time, when we had given tablets for learning to students in a government school, I was very excited to visit and see the response. I was hoping that students would be truly excited to get their hands on a […]

TABLAB and the Fourth Battle of Panipat

Panipat is a city in the state of Haryana, located just about 90 kms from Delhi and is also known as the “City of Weavers” or the “Textile City”. The city also has historical importance having witnessed 3 battles, with each of them shaping the future of India. The last of these battles was fought in 1761 and yet today after hundreds of years, the city is once again fighting a battle – The Fourth Battle of Panipat. Kids like […]

The journey from a good teacher to a personalised mentor and a guide

There is a very interesting analogy in how the game of cricket has evolved over the years and how our education system can take a few cues and adapt to the way the 21st century is shaping up. Read below to explore this connection deeper. Imagine that you have come to learn how to play cricket. Let’s assume for a while that you wish to be a batsman. Your coach comes to you, gets you all padded up, goes over […]