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A Guide to Smart Devices for the Classroom: Addressing Your Smart Classroom Needs

In today’s tech-driven world, classrooms are undergoing a transformation. Government, NGOs, foundation, corporate, and other stakeholders in the education ecosystem are working to strengthen school infrastructure. 

An array of smart devices for classroom needs by iDream Education, including interactive flat panels, smart tv, educational tablet, pal and educational software

Gone are the days when classrooms were just about static blackboards, chalk, textbooks. Teachers need smart devices for the classroom to create dynamic, interactive learning environments. Studies have shown that incorporating EdTech can boost student engagement by up to 50% [Journal of Educational Psychology, 2023]. Tech-enabled classrooms improve information retention, eliminate rote learning, and personalize the learning experience for students of all backgrounds. This guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate the exciting world of smart classroom devices. This will help you address your specific needs and enhance your classroom into a hub of innovation and engagement.

Leveraging Smart Devices for the Classroom to Address Your Smart Classroom Needs

Smart Classes: Your Impact Investment in the Future of Learning

Smart classes are one of the smart devices for the classroom that offers a compelling investment opportunity for CSR and impact investors. Digital Class empowers teachers, inspires learners, creates a more equitable education landscape, and delivers measurable social impact. It is a powerful proposition for investors seeking to drive positive change.

Image showcasing smart classroom setups in schools implemented in collaboration with Foundation for their CSR initiatives in education by iDream Education

Affordable smart devices for the classroom. Innovation within your reach:

Empower teachers to engage students with easy-to-use smart classroom solutions. iPrep Digital Class simplifies technology integration with versatile hardware options and preloaded, curriculum-aligned content that works offline. This makes it ideal for diverse educational settings across India.

  • Teacher Empowerment: iPrep Digital Class is a new age smart classroom solution. This combines suitable smart devices for the classroom with preloaded curriculum-aligned content for K-12. Teachers can access all the content on iPrep which is given preinstalled on hardware to empower teachers to deliver dynamic, easily understood lessons.
  • Seamless Setup: Cut down on technical glitches with flexible hardware choices such as interactive flat panel (IFP), Smart TV, projector, and more
  • Reduced Tech Barriers: Works on various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android for flexible deployment.
  • Teacher-Focused Design: Intuitive interface makes it easy for teachers to integrate the digital into their existing lesson plans.
  • Data-Empowered Teaching: Teachers can monitor lessons/topics taught through a smart class on a comprehensive reporting dashboard. The dashboard tracks usage based on individual teacher login.

Teachers have been using iPrep Digital Class, one of the smart devices for the classroom effectively for various purposes. Some use it for post-syllabus revision, while others incorporate it regularly to explain complex concepts. Nonetheless, in certain schools, smart classes are being used to cover for teacher absences during periods of engagement in administrative duties across multiple school sites.

Smart ICT Labs: The Key to Scalable, High-Impact Education

Clubbing a Smart Class with a Smart ICT lab is a powerful model for bringing meaningful and tangible impact. Smart ICT Labs represent a highly adaptable solution for schools, designed in alignment with ICT Lab Scheme of Samagra Shiksha. By replacing complex computing hardware with a streamlined, user-centric approach, smart ICT Labs enables scalable digital learning that transcends traditional infrastructure constraints. This cost-effective solution ensures that the benefits of digital education reach all students, regardless of a school’s location or existing infrastructure.

Image showing a tablet-based digital library, representing an smart ICT lab for schools implemented by iDream Education

Personalized learning solutions for schools :

Upgrade personalized learning with these scalable, smart ICT labs, seamlessly fitting into schools and class timetables. iPrep Digital Libraries give students personalized learning experiences on tablets or notebooks, all supported by preloaded K-12 content in preferred language and insightful usage reports.

  • Flexible Sizes: You can choose the lab size (5 to 45 devices) that best fits your school’s needs and budget.
  • Collaborative and Personalized: Designed for rotational use, promoting student-led learning on shared devices.
  • Knowledge at Their Fingertips: The extensive digital content for K-12 and beyond academics to address the diverse learning needs of students.
  • Data-Empowered Teaching: Teachers can monitor individual student progress through a comprehensive reporting dashboard that tracks usage based on individual login.

Implemented and being used in many schools across India, iPrep Digital Library enhance classroom efficiency by integrating seamlessly into the timetable for rotational use. Supporting a range of devices including tablets, primebooks, and notebooks, the digital library aligns with educational program planning, catering to diverse needs.

Tablet/notebook-based Blended Learning in for Classrooms 

Tablet/notebook-based blended learning is a solution that bridges educational gaps, empowering students both inside and outside the classroom. This approach seamlessly integrates smart devices for the classroom with accessible, at-home tablet-based learning. By complementing at home learning with EdTech, you enable equity and inclusion, ensuring all students have the resources to succeed regardless of their socioeconomic background. For social sector investors, this translates into a high-impact investment that promotes educational improvement, delivers measurable student outcomes, and drives long-term societal change.

Personalized educational tablets designed for CSR initiatives in education by iDream Education

Tablet based learning solution at home to complement Smart Classroom Learning

iPrep Tablets, is a personalized learning device within your reach! iPrep Tablet puts engaging digital content for students in grades 1st through 12th right in the palm of your hand. Whether at home, school, or on the go, students can learn at their own pace, catch up on past concepts, and strive for mastery.

  • Offline First: Pre-installed content (customizable per need) ensures learning isn’t limited by connectivity, with online options for broader exploration.
  • Multi-grade Access: Flexibility to switch between grade levels supports personalized learning and revision.
  • Growth Beyond Grades: Enable students to go beyond K-12 with books, interactive lessons, and resources on health, safety, and inspiration.
  • Insightful Learning: Offline usage reports to empower students, parents, and teachers to track progress and make informed decisions.

Personalized Learning on tablets empowers students to take charge of their education, fostering independence and a love of learning.

PAL for Need-Based Learning: Adapt and Excel

Adaptive learning solutions are poised to enhance education. Personalized and adaptive learning solutions hold the key to addressing the long-standing challenge of delivering truly individualized instruction at scale. While the classroom setting offers valuable social interaction and structure, adaptive learning supplements this by personalizing content, learning path, and feedback to each learner’s unique needs and progress. 

Adaptive learning isn’t a replacement of the classroom – it’s a powerful complement 

Pal is a complement to classroom learning as it empowers teachers to become more effective guides and paves the way for a future where every student has the best possible chance to succeed. With many state governments, corporates, NGO, and Hardware companies enabling adaptive learning solutions in schools, personalized adaptive learning is emerging as a promising solution. 

Designed with the Edtech Tuna Framework, the PAL Solution by iDream Education offers a personalized and enjoyable learning experience for students in classes 3rd to 12th on tablets, notebooks, and mobile devices.  Available in both English and Hindi, the solution addresses the critical need to bridge historical learning gaps for improved student outcomes.

How PAL Works for Students:

  • Personalized Learning Paths: PAL starts by understanding each student’s foundation through diagnostic tests. Based on the results, it creates tailored learning paths to help students master essential concepts, including those they may have struggled with in previous years.
  • Engaging Practice and Targeted Support: Students receive instant feedback on practice questions and access targeted video lessons, ensuring they grasp every concept and reach their grade-level potential.

PAL Coach App is an Extension of Classroom Teaching

  • Monitor Progress: Teachers get access to a centralized reporting dashboard to track individual student progress. With this, they are able to identify areas where additional support may be needed for a student.
  • Provide Personalized Guidance: Address student questions and assign homework through a convenient chat feature.
  • Support At-Home Learning: Allocate time for individualized guidance, optimize learning beyond the classroom. Not only this, but PAL also encourages today’s ‘coaching culture mentioned in NEP 2020.

Enhance learning outcomes and empower students to cover their historical learning gaps in a joyful learning environment with the PAL Solution!

In addition to the installation of iPrep on smart devices in classrooms, iPrep can also be accessed as a mobile app for at-home learning. This makes iPrep a versatile learning platform for students from both public and private schools.

Key advantage of incorporating iPrep-enabled smart devices in classrooms is the user-friendly interface, designed according to universal design principles. This intuitive design makes iPrep exceptionally easy to navigate and utilize, requiring minimal training for effective implementation.

To deliver a truly enhancing educational experience, iPrep seamlessly integrates with the smart classroom devices of your choice. This flexibility is crucial when designing your smart classroom environment. By offering a range of compatible devices,  iPrep empowers you to select the hardware and OS setup. All this to best align with your school’s specific needs, budget, existing infrastructure, classes, content, curriculum, and language preferences. This adaptability maximizes the reach and positive impact of your education initiatives, ensuring a solution that perfectly complements your unique learning environment.

In case you would like to know more about iPrep by iDream Education, visit our website,, or write to us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions -

1. Why should we use smart devices in the classroom?

Smart devices can boost engagement, provide access to a vast range of resources, offer personalized learning experiences, promote collaboration, and help students develop essential digital skills and have been known to improve academic performance of students.

2. Which type of smart device is best for my classroom?

An interactive Flat Panel that displays learning content and at the same time acts like a whiteboard is known to be one of the best smart devices for classrooms. In fact, it has become important to keep pace with the multitude of features it brings along with it.

3. How do I find the best educational apps?

Look for apps that align with curriculum goals, have diverse content, are bilingual, and promote active learning rather than passive consumption.

4. What are the names of smart devices for the classroom?

Tablet-based digital library, smart class, notebook-based digital library, ICT Labs, educational tablets, personalized adaptive learning solution and more.

5. Looking for smart devices for the classroom?

Look no further than iPrep by iDream Education. To deliver a truly enhancing educational experience, iPrep seamlessly integrates with the smart classroom devices of your choice. This flexibility is crucial when designing your smart classroom environment.

Ayushi Agarwal is an Assistant Manager - Marketing & Content Writing at iDream Education. With 7+ years of writing, her focus has shifted passionately to education over the past two years. Her dedication lies in researching and crafting content around solutions that address learning gaps, drive sustainable digital learning programs, empower last-mile learners, and ensure educational access for all. This commitment makes her work a valuable asset for social sector leaders seeking to drive change.

[email protected]

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