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A Comprehensive Guide to MP Board Content on iPrep

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to MP Board Content on iPrep! If you’re someone from the government, social sector,  or a teacher/student, you’re at the right place. Navigate to the range of educational resources in the MP Board Curriculum.

A laptop displaying the iPrep learning platform, featuring MP Board content

State board curriculums play a significant role in shaping well-rounded learners. By integrating regional history, culture, and contemporary issues, these curriculums foster a deep connection to one’s roots and community.  The Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) stands as an example of this approach. Not only does it equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for academic success, but it also instills a strong sense of local identity and pride. 

MP Board Curriculum: Nurturing Rooted Learners

Madhya Pradesh, with its predominantly Hindi-speaking population. While Hindi remains the heart of cultural and linguistic identity, there’s a notable emphasis on bilingual learning. This is the situation with both private and government schools, promoting fluency in both Hindi and English language. This further recognizes the importance of connecting students to their roots while equipping them with a language that opens doors to global opportunities.

Our observations from social sector digital education projects underscore this trend 

Government schools, often associated with Hindi as a medium of instruction, are increasingly adopting a dual-language approach. The focus on bilingualism in Madhya Pradesh exemplifies a commitment to an inclusive and comprehensive education that values both tradition and progress.

Recent Updates in MP Board Content

  • The Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) has implemented significant changes to its curriculum for the 2024 academic year.  In a move aimed at streamlining education and easing the burden on students, the board has reduced the Class 12 syllabus by 30%. This reduction applies across all subjects, including core subjects like English, Physics, Chemistry, History, and Economics.
  • Not just for Class 12, the board has also taken similar steps for Class 10, releasing an updated and reduced syllabus for 2024. This decision to reduce the syllabus for the second consecutive year demonstrates the board’s commitment to adapting to the evolving educational needs and ensure a balanced learning experience for students.

These updates are expected to significantly impact how students prepare for their board exams. With a more focused syllabus, students can dedicate more time to understanding core concepts and developing critical thinking skills. It will be interesting to see how this streamlined curriculum influences learning outcomes and overall academic performance in the coming year.

The uniqueness of MP Board Content: Blending the Best of Both Worlds

While, the MP Board content is rooted in the NCERT framework, especially for science subjects in higher grades. However, it distinguishes itself with unique content additions with a focus on regional perspectives, particularly for students in classes 6-8.

Image showcasing the uniqueness of MP Board content with the distinctive educational syllabus for SST, English, and Hindi literature specific to the Madhya Pradesh region

Strong Foundation in Core Science Subjects

The MP Board 12th syllabus 2024 provides a comprehensive foundation in core science subjects. Physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, and computer science form the backbone of the curriculum. This ensures students are well-prepared for higher education and future careers. Additionally, the board offers a diverse range of language courses as electives, allowing students to expand their linguistic horizons while fulfilling the mandatory requirement of English proficiency.

Progressive Changes in English and Hindi Literature

A significant distinction between the NCERT and MP Board content lies in grades 6-8, particularly in the English and Hindi literature subjects. The MPBSE traditionally focused on a “General Series” for English and a “Special Series” for Hindi. However, in a progressive move, the Madhya Pradesh education department has merged both series for both languages. This means students now learn both General and Special series content in English, while in Hindi, they engage with “Bhasha Bharti” (भाषा भारती) and “Sugam Bharti” (सुगम भारती). Thus, enabling students to experience a comprehensive blend of literary styles and themes.

Unique Focus on Social Sciences

The Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) social science curriculum for classes 6th-8th is distinct, incorporating a local perspective. While the core content across History, Civics, and Geography largely mirrors the NCERT syllabus, the MPBSE modifies the naming of topics and chapters to align with regional relevance. Additionally, it introduces unique chapters and topics such as “Interdependence (पारस्परिक निर्भरता)” in Civics, “India’s relations with Asian countries (एशियाई देशों के साथ भारत के सम्बन्ध)” in History, and “African continent: economic profile (अफ्रीका महाद्वीप : आर्थिक स्वरूप)” in Geography, and lot more. This is an enriching part of MP Board content combining diverse perspectives for learners.

Considering this uniqueness, 

Our team is committed to crafting unique content to ensure a rich learning experience that caters to the specific needs of Madhya Pradesh students. By leveraging their subject matter expertise, we create MP Board content that is both informative and engaging. 

Guide to MP Board curriculum on iPrep

iPrep, a comprehensive e-learning platform, is designed to align with India’s National Education Policy (NEP) and cater to the diverse needs of both national and state curricula. Our content team prioritizes staying aligned with curriculum updates and curating top-tier resources to ensure an engaging and thorough learning experience for all students. Recognizing the importance of state-specific curriculum adjustments, we strive to empower students with meaningful learning opportunities that meet the highest state and national standards.

In line with this commitment, we have meticulously created and curated content for the MP Board (MPBSE), and are actively implementing progressive changes based on insights from educational initiatives led by the social sector and government partners. 

Explore the latest updates in K-12 content on iPrep as per MP Board

Bilingual Education through iPrep: 

To align with the Madhya Pradesh education department’s focus on bilingualism, we create and curate content on the iPrep platform that is accessible in both English and Hindi. This initiative aims to foster inclusive learning environments across classrooms in Madhya Pradesh by catering to students’ diverse linguistic needs and preferences. By providing MP Board Content in both languages, we strive to enhance students’ comprehension, engagement, and overall academic performance while promoting cultural appreciation and linguistic diversity among K-12 Learners.

Curriculum Alignment with NCERT for Class 6th to 10th on iPrep

Focusing on the MP Board content, iPrep delivers Maths and Science content for classes 6-10 that align with NCERT textbooks. This ensures students receive content that mirrors their textbooks, enhancing their learning experience with digital resources. iPrep maintains this alignment unless specific needs are requested by stakeholders.

iPrep Aligns Social Studies Content with Revised MP Board Curriculum for Classes 6-8

In response to the Madhya Pradesh Board’s recent content updates, iPrep’s subject matter experts have meticulously revised the Social Studies learning materials for classes 6-8. A significant focus of this revision was aligning chapter titles with the MP Board textbooks, which, while similar in content to NCERT, feature more descriptive and comprehensive names tailored to Madhya Pradesh students. For example, the NCERT chapter “Hunter Gatherers” becomes the more evocative “मानव में परिवर्तन” (Change in Humans) in the MP Board version. Numerous such changes have been made to better address the specific learning needs of students in Madhya Pradesh.

These revisions are continuously implemented and delivered on iPrep, ensuring alignment with the state board curriculum. Additionally, iPrep has updated several chapters that were completely changed or newly added to the MP Board Social Studies content for classes 6-8, ensuring that students and teachers alike are engaging with the most current and relevant material.

Building a Strong Foundation on iPrep with NCERT-Aligned Curriculum for MP Board

For classes 9-10, the Social Science, Hindi, and English Literature content on iPrep is aligned with the NCERT curriculum as mentioned in the MP Board curriculum. This ensures that students receive a comprehensive and standardized education that prepares them for their board examinations and fosters a deeper understanding of the subjects.

iPrep Enhances English Literature with General and Special Series for Classes 6th-8th

We have added the General and Special series for English Literature on iPrep for classes 6th through 8th in alignment with MP Board content. This comprehensive program seamlessly blends literature in both Hindi and English, providing students with a rich and diverse learning experience entirely in the English language. By bridging linguistic and literary traditions, iPrep empowers learners to develop strong language skills, cultural understanding, and critical thinking abilities.

iPrep Enhances Hindi Literature with General and Special Series for Classes 6th-8th

iPrep leaps forward in Hindi Literature as well for classes 6th to 8th by incorporating “Bhasha Bharti” (भाषा भारती) and “Sugam Bharti” (सुगम भारती). This unique blend of Hindi and English literature presented in the Hindi language creates a comprehensive platform where students can delve into literary works while enhancing their language skills. With this addition, iPrep aims to provide a holistic approach to Hindi education, fostering a deeper appreciation for literature and language among learners.

iPrep Empowers MP Board Content with downloadable classroom resources 

iPrep goes beyond textbooks, offering MP Board schools an enriching learning experience with supplementary content in the form of interactive digital charts/timelines and mind maps covering fundamental concepts like numbers, geometry, and shapes, enhancing classrooms into engaging learning spaces. Additionally, timelines added on iPrep offer a concise overview of historical events, enabling students to quickly grasp complex topics such as From Kingdom to an Empire, The Making of The National Movement 1870s – 1947s, The French Revolution, and more. This comprehensive approach empowers both teachers and students with accessible and versatile resources for effective learning and revision.

An image showing digital charts, timelines, and mind maps, all aligned with the MP Board curriculum, on the iPrep

Further, iPrep’s ensures personalized learning through its multi-category content approach 

Recognizing that students have diverse learning styles and needs, iPrep offers animated lessons for visual learners, practice exercises for hands-on reinforcement, syllabus books for quick reference, concise notes for efficient revision, and practicals for real-world application. This comprehensive suite of resources caters to a wide range of preferences, ensuring that every student can find the state board-aligned content that best suits their individual learning journey.

iPrep focuses on the Holistic Growth of students with its Beyond Academics Content

iPrep goes beyond MP Board curriculum to foster well-rounded students. In both Hindi and English, we offer a treasure trove of learning resources for holistic growth. This includes learning material on life skills, inspirational biographies, health, safety, hygiene, climate action, stories, moral values, and poems that nurture their character and imagination. iPrep is committed to developing not just scholars, but compassionate, informed, and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

The MP Board curriculum’s dynamic nature, with its revisions, updates, and unique features, underscores the importance of providing relevant and accessible digital content. 

At iPrep, we are committed to mirroring these revisions and updates in our platform, ensuring that teachers and students across Madhya Pradesh have access to up-to-date digital educational resources. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with social sector organizations dedicated to enhancing education in MP schools, and we are hopeful that together, we can make a meaningful impact by enabling state-specific learning content in schools.

If you are looking for MP Board Content, you can contact us at +91 9501110665 at or write to us at

Frequently Asked Questions -

1. What is the main medium of instruction in schools in MP?

The main medium of instruction in schools in Madhya Pradesh is Hindi, reflecting the state's cultural and linguistic identity. However, there's a growing emphasis on bilingual education, with many schools offering instruction in both Hindi and English. This approach aims to preserve the state's linguistic heritage while preparing students for a globalized world where English proficiency is increasingly valued.

2. What is the uniqueness of MP Board Content?

MP Board content uniquely blends theory and practice, building a strong foundation in science, incorporating progressive changes in language education, and emphasizing the importance of social sciences. This approach prepares students with a well-rounded skill set and diverse knowledge to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

3. Is there any learning platform/App that provides MP Board Content?

There are many such as iPrep. It is a comprehensive learning app/platform designed as per NEP 2020 serving K-12 schools across India. The K-12 learning software ensures that the educational experiences of K-12 students closely adhere to the MP Board Syllabus and other state board curricula.

4. What are the major revisions in the MP Board Curriculum?

The major revisions in the MP Board Curriculum for the 2024 academic year include: Significant Syllabus Reduction: The MPBSE has reduced the syllabus for both Class 12 and Class 10 by 30%. This reduction is across all subjects, aiming to ease the academic burden on students and allow for more focused learning. Streamlined Learning: The updated syllabus focuses on core concepts and essential topics, promoting deeper understanding and critical thinking skills development. Emphasis on Practical Skills: The revisions likely prioritize practical applications of knowledge and encourage students to connect theoretical concepts with real-world scenarios. Adapting to Evolving Needs: This is the second consecutive year of syllabus reduction for class 10th, indicating the board's commitment to adapt to the changing educational needs and cater to the evolving needs of students. These changes are expected to have a positive impact on students' learning experiences, allowing them to delve deeper into subjects and develop a stronger foundation in essential concepts.

5. Is the MP Board Class 12 exam easy or tough?

MP Board Class 12 exams are easy to medium level of touch. If students study regularly following the syllabus and learning in continuity, then they can easily score good marks.

Ayushi Agarwal is an Assistant Manager - Marketing & Content Writing at iDream Education. With 7+ years of writing, her focus has shifted passionately to education over the past two years. Her dedication lies in researching and crafting content around solutions that address learning gaps, drive sustainable digital learning programs, empower last-mile learners, and ensure educational access for all. This commitment makes her work a valuable asset for social sector leaders seeking to drive change.

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