Learning Tablets for Personalised Learning

Educational Tablets pre-loaded with customised content in English and Local Languages

Educational Tablets pre-loaded with content for schools


Learning Tablets with pre-loaded content for both in schools and at home

Personalised learning both in schools and at home

Learning Tablets with integrate curriculum for schools

Enjoyable offline Digital Content

Centralised reporting for effective student wise monitoring platform designed for schools

Easy to integrate with any school curriculum

Data driven tracking outcomes platform designed for schools and management

Centralised reporting for monitoring of usage and learning outcomes

Add your own content to your learning Tablets

Our platform has been designed so that along with our content, any other content, videos, digital books that you have or you would wish to add to your tablets, can be easily added to the tabs.

We can customize and create a rich content repository on the tablets for you.

Components of a Learning Tablet

    Tablets with cover and screen guard, specially designed for schools

    Any android tablet

  • SD Card
  • Screen Guard
  • Book-style Tablet cover for learning usage
  • Earphones
  • Specially designed for easy learning experience, customisable for any language

    Offline Learning Platform

  • Customisable for any language
  • Specially designed for easy learning experience
  • Offline usage with no dependence on internet
  • Multimedia & Animated Video Lessons for school students
    Enjoyable Digital Content
  • Multimedia & Animated Video Lessons
  • Enjoyable project making videos
  • Rich Digital Book Library
  • Topic wise practice and tests with feedback
  • offline reporting on every tablet designed for schools and management

    Reports & Monitoring

  • Student reports saved locally on every tablet
  • Auto Sync to central reporting dashboard
  • Use data to guide students for regular productive usage

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