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Digital Learning on iPrep Reached Sangvi Telangana

Let us take you through the time when digital learning on iPrep reached Sangvi Telangana in the form of the iPrep Digital Library.

Students From Sangvi Using Tablets From iPrep Digital Library
Students From Sangvi Using Tablets From iPrep Digital Library

Location: Sangvi, Telangana

Students Impacted: 100+

Teachers Impacted: 10+

High-end classrooms, fancy benches, air-conditioners, extraordinary infrastructure, etc. All that makes the idea and experience of a school to be great and interesting for students. But, all these facilities aren’t necessary for effective learning and growth. The only few things needed for that are the willingness to learn and high-quality learning resources to learn from. 

A rural government school in Sangvi Telangana has no such facilities. They do not have proper benches to sit on, and some of their classrooms do not have fans too. Overall, infrastructure isn’t even near what they consider essential. But still, they have something on their side. Something that is enough to overpower every other discrepancy we just mentioned. Altogether, It is the willingness to learn among these young learners.                                                                               

To support that and to complete the necessities for effective learning, we in association with Mahindra Susten implemented an iPrep Digital Library- having 10 learning tablets in that school for digital learning in Sangvi Telangana. Below is a glimpse of the inauguration day.

iPrep Digital Library Inauguration In Sangvi Telangana
iPrep Digital Library Inauguration In Sangvi Telangana

The iPrep Digital Library was preloaded with enjoyable and curriculum-aligned rich digital content. The content was in both English and Telugu for classes 1st to 8th. The tablets from the digital library came with auto charging and a lockable tablet cart. All that together makes our digital learning solutions secure and easy to set up use, and maintain. 

Seeing how these learners and their teachers were using the solutions we provided to them, it was proven that these solutions came across as a huge helping hand for them. We ourselves were surprised by the usage that reportedly came from this school on our reporting dashboard.

In the first 47 days of this implementation itself, we recorded more than 1000 hours of consumption from these 10 tablets which is nothing but phenomenal.

Altogether, we are ready to enhance their learning outcomes. Further, we aim to be the ones to spread more digital learning in Sangvi Telangana and other similar villages and rural areas.

If in case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, visit our website, www.idreameducation.org   or write to us at [email protected]

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