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Digital Learning On Smart Class For Some Young Students Of Telangana Board

Allow us to share a glimpse of the implementation of iPrep Digital Class, our smart class solution at a Telangana board school.

iPrep Digital Class- Smart Class for Telangana Board
iPrep Digital Class- Smart Class At A Telangana Board Government School

Back in 2018, when the concept of digital learning was not quite widespread. When devices like Televisions, smartphones, tablets, etc. were just a source of pass-time and a point of distraction for students.

It was a time when not many people could have imagined the use of Televisions, smartphones, tablets, etc. for learning and teaching purposes, especially inside classrooms. All that is especially true in terms of the rural parts of our country. Due to restricted access to such devices, they were aware of the positive outcomes those could bring. Especially in terms of Teaching and Learning.

The same was the case with some young learners and teachers of a government school in Sangvi, Telangana. There, we implemented our iPrep Digital Class, our smart class solution for the Telangana board.

When the teachers and students of this school got their hands on the iPrep Digital Class, their acceptance for the same didn’t take much time to come. From the very first day, they started using the iPrep Digital Class proactively.

The smart class solution was preloaded with digital content for classes 1st to 10th in both English and Telugu. Teachers had the choice to use the digital class without connecting it to the internet. The content present in it was completely in alignment with the Telangana Board Of Education’s Curriculum.

Telangana Board Government School

Surprisingly, in the first 50 days, the usage hours crossed a century in numbers which was phenomenal for us. It gave us an extremely positive sense of acceptance. It also brought us an assurance that our Digital Learning Solutions are a good fit for the Telangana Board Schools. That motivates us to reach further extreme corners of the state of Telangana with our Digital Learning Solutions.

If in case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, visit our website, www.idreameducation.org   or write to us at [email protected]

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