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Personalized Learning for students of Humana People to People India, NGO
Personalising learning with iPrep Tablets

The COVID-19-induced lockdown has resulted in an increased learning gap among government school students due to a lack of access to technology and limited availability of learning resources. Humana People to People India, a non-governmental organization, has been closely working with the students and teachers of government schools in India. Project Coordinators of the NGO have collaborated with iDream Education to set up iPrep Tablets in their NGO in Rewari, Haryana. The objective was to enable a non-judgmental learning environment for students and help them cover the learning gap that occurred due to the sudden closure of schools during Covid.

Reach of iPrep Tablet, a Personalized Learning Solution

Solution implemented: iPrep Tablet

No. of Schools Reached: 1 Ngo of Humana People to People

Location: Rewari, Haryana

Students Impacted: More than 150

Teachers Impacted: Over 6

Learning tablets  for personalised learning by iDream Education

The iPrep Tablets have been a game-changer in the learning cycle of students. They easily adapted to the learning tablets as all the content on iPrep on their individual devices is aligned to Haryana Board and has content for classes 1st to 5th aligned in Hindi Medium. This made it easy for students to switch between classes and learn at their own pace in their preferred language. As a result, the time it would have otherwise taken the coordinators to bring the students back to their age-appropriate grade level and fill up the learning gaps got reduced significantly.

Learning tablets in schools of Harayana by iDream Education

Because students had their personalised devices, they could learn joyfully without the fear of being judged. The iPrep Tablets have not only improved the students’ learning interest but have also given them the confidence to learn at their own pace. 

The success of this implementation has paved the way for more such initiatives to be implemented across the country, thereby enabling equal access to education for all by taking one step at a time.

If in case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, visit our website, www.idreameducation.org  or write to us at [email protected]

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iPrep Tablet

iPrep Tablet

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