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Prayas Vidyalaya’s Learners Got Access to Enjoyable Learning Content

Covid-19 being as harmful as it is brought in a lot of uncertainties and barriers to learning and growth. That is true, especially in the case of rural-based learners. That is because they didn’t have the resources to actually face the repercussions of COVID, especially in terms of learning. They didn’t have individual mobile devices or similar equipment to attend online classes or access digital learning content.

Students Of Prayas Vidyalaya With iPrep Tablets
Students Of Prayas Vidyalaya With iPrep Tablets

AID Noida is a volunteer-based social development organisation and they work for facilitating quality education and awareness in the slum communities of Noida. 

Following that, they opened a full-time school named Paras Vidyalaya in Noida to educate the underserved learners of the nearby slum areas. This school has already been able to provide quality education to hundreds of young learners from the nearby slum areas. In Addition, they became much more proactive after the COVID incident to help these learners recover from the learning gaps. They were especially targeting the gaps created during the Lockdowns. 

To assist them in making it even better for the learners we in association with Sopra Baking Software implemented iPrep Learning tablets at Prayas Vidyalaya. 

How did iPrep Tablets and the learning content Bring a change?

These iPrep tablets had multiple categories of enjoyable digital learning content preloaded to run offline. All that is to let these Young Minds use the tablets for their personalised learning and growth without being concerned about an internet connection. 

Students and Teachers Exploring Enjoyable Learning Content On iPrep Tablets
Students and Teachers Exploring Enjoyable Learning Content On iPrep Tablets

The usage data recorded in our centralised reporting dashboard suggests how the iPrep tablets proved highly effective and useful for taking some burden off the shoulders of teachers and giving the learners a personalized solution for unlimited learning and growth. 

Also, we’ve received feedback that students are proactively using the enjoyable learning content on the iPrep tablets for their learning and growth and also for fun and interactive sessions in the classroom.

We hope to one day become the reason why no learner of Noida lacks access to learning and growth. 

If in case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, visit our website, www.idreameducation.org   or write to us at [email protected]

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