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Smart Class Set Ups In 25 Schools Of Darbhanga, Bihar

Let us share the story of us reaching the city of Darbhanga, Bihar with our Smart class solution, the “iPrep Digital Class“.

iPrep Digital Class - Smart Class In Darbhanga Bihar
iPrep Digital Class – Smart Class In Darbhanga Bihar

“Education” the term itself carries a lot of weight and qualities. One of its major qualities is that when it finds its way, it flows through it like water. At the same time finds further ways to spread itself. 

We first-hand witnessed the same happening in the state of Bihar. After spreading its roots in Muzaffarpur, Quality Education in the form of iPrep Digital Class – smart class was now spreading its roots in rural government schools of Darbhanga, Bihar. 

Reach of Implementation

Schools Reached: 25

Location: Darbhanga, Bihar

Students Impacted: More than 2000

Teachers Impacted: More than 100

Yet again, we worked in association with Prayatna NGO and LIC HFL. Together we implemented iPrep Digital Class- Our Smart Class solution in 25 rural government schools of Darbhanga, Bihar. The iPrep 

Digital Classes that were delivered here, were preloaded with multiple categories of comprehensive digital content. The content covered classes 1st to 8th for offline usage in both English and Hindi. 

A Rural Government School Of Darbhanga, Bihar
A Rural Government School Of Darbhanga, Bihar

Surprisingly, the acceptance of iPrep Digital class was higher and wider in Darbhanga, Bihar. It was even more than what we got from Muzaffarpur or most of the other states where we recently implemented our smart class solution. In the initial days of this implementation, we got around 300 hours of usage from these schools. All that was recorded on our Integrated Reporting Dashboard. 

This was huge for us that we were able to deliver something useful and impactful. Both students and teachers of these schools found the iPrep Digital Class to be an appropriate solution. They found it a perfect fit to supplement their teaching and learning experiences. 

Teachers were able to easily deliver teachings on tough and complex subjects and concepts. At the same time, students were at the same time grasping everything quickly and effectively. All of that gives us the motivation for working hard to reach every last corner’s learners with our comprehensive digital learning solutions. With these solutions, we aim to empower teachers and students, both in schools and at home to Learn Unlimited. 

This post is from the time when we in association with Prayatna NGO and LIC HFL implemented our smart class solution the iPrep Digital class In Darbhanga, Bihar

If in case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, visit our website, www.idreameducation.org   or write to us at [email protected]

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iPrep Digital Class

iPrep Digital Class

iPrep Digital Class is an easy to use, new age Smart Classroom solution to empower 21st century schools and teachers with best of Digital Content & Resources with Integrated Reporting & Monitoring Dashboard.

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