iDream Education wins Google SMB Heroes Award

iDream Education at Google’s Exec Prog on Digital Models, AI & Analytics

It all started in March 2017 when iDream Education was awarded by Google India as a part of their SMB Heroes program in the category, “Impacting Change through Digital”. Our tablet based learning solution TABLAB – a student centric solution for digital learning in govt schools was recognised under the same.

In December this year, as an extension of this recognition, we recently joined an executive program on Digital business models, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence conducted by Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. It was exciting for us to visit the beautiful campus and experience coming together of academia and business. 

We worked with experienced academicians and faculty members at ISB, Hyderabad to deep dive on how data and the backend analytics can be used to add more value to our target audience and bring transparency in accounting the investments made by funders in our digital literacy programs for government schools.

Prof Deepa Mani, the executive director at ISB Centre of IT and Networked Economy, shared great insights on developing network & platform based business models.

Our focus at iDream Education has been to develop the best of personalised learning solutions for our underserved learners. A key insight is that a large number of students studying in our government schools are below grade. For any solution to therefore make an impact, it is important for the solution to understand the learning levels of students and then align the content accordingly. 

Artificial intelligence is already big and is expected to play a vital role in being a part of solutions, which will transform learning for the underserved. We are excited to work with Prof Anitesh Barua, a visiting faculty at ISB, Hyderabad and professor at McCombs School of Business, University of Texas in Austin with over 28 years of industry and teaching experience to build our learning engines using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

iDream Education at ISB Hyd for Executive Prog on Analytics and AI
Prof Anitesh Barua presenting his insights on AI

As we continue to research and build student centric digital learning solution for our underserved learners, the association with ISB Hyderabad will further help us to innovate and bring cutting edge technology as a part of our solution.

iDream Education at ISB Hyderabad
iDream Education team with other participants at ISB Hyderabad

We understand the value of data in today’s world and how crucial it is to bring transparency and build trust in projects designed for social impact. Access to reliable data periodically can also help optimise the social ROI.

If you are a part of a CSR team in your organisation or an NGO/CSR consultant looking for a bilingual and adaptive/personalised digital learning solution for your target learners and would like to know more about how we are incorporating AI and data analytics at the backend, please feel free to write to us with your questions and inputs. We can be reached at

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