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NDMC Educational Tablet Initiative: Democratizing Access to Digital Education

A visual representation of how educational tablets can enrich classroom learning
The NDMC Educational Tablet Initiative aims to expand access and enhance quality of school education in the country

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is gearing up for a promising initiative wherein more than 6000 tablets are set to be distributed to students and educators of classes IX and XII. This marks a significant stride towards fostering digital learning environments in schools. The NDMC educational tablet initiative, aligned with the central government’s visionary Digital India campaign, has been allotted a budget of 24.7 crores.

Key Highlights of the NDMC Educational Tablet Initiative

  • Distribution of more than 6000 tablets to students and teachers across Atal Adarsh and Navyug Schools.
  • Tablets will come preloaded with digital content.
  • Content includes study materials, videos, and question papers relevant to the curriculum.
  • NDMC will procure the tablets through the GeM portal.
  • NDMC will procure the tablets in the ongoing academic session (2023-24) and distribute them in the upcoming academic session (2024-25).
  • Will implement measures to prevent non-educational use.

NDMC’s Educational Tablet Initiative Driving Digital India and NEP 2020 Goals

 “The project will go a long way in achieving the goal of the Digital India Scheme and fulfil requirements as per the new education policy”, said NDMC Chairman Satish Upadhyay.

The NDMC educational tablet initiative directly addresses the Digital India scheme by fostering access to technology-driven learning resources. Also, the scheme resonates with the ethos of NEP 2020 by promoting holistic development and personalized learning. Through the provision of study materials, videos, and question papers tailored to the curriculum, the tablets empower students to explore diverse subjects at their own pace, fostering a culture of self-directed learning advocated by the NEP.

NDMC’s Commitment to Digital Learning

Expanding from a successful pilot program distributing 811 tablets, the NDMC commits to improving learning outcomes with technology-driven solutions. Additionally, it has greenlit a proposal for the procurement of computers and peripherals to modernize existing labs in 29 NDMC and Navyug schools.

iDream Education Applauds the NDMC Educational Tablet Initiative

iDream Education enthusiastically commends the forward-looking NDMC educational tablet initiative to empower students and educators. At iDream Education, our goal lies in ensuring universal access to learning opportunities for all. We meticulously craft our products to align with the core tenets of the Digital India Scheme and NEP 2020, reflecting our commitment to democratizing access to education. Our digital learning solution, iPrep Tablets, epitomizes this commitment by offering a holistic educational experience for both students and teachers.

Key features of iPrep Tablets that resonate with the NDMC Educational Tablet initiative:

A visual representation of how the features of iPrep Tablets align with the NDMC Educational Tablet Initiative
Features of iPrep Tablets that resonate with the NDMC Educational Tablet Initiative
  • iPrep tablets come pre-loaded with comprehensive digital content accessible both online and offline.
  • Curriculum-aligned content provides multi-grade access, catering to diverse learning needs.
  • Content, structured according to Bloom’s taxonomy, encompasses various formats such as videos, eBooks, simulations, and practicals.
  • Integrated reports and analytics feature enables tracking of individual student progress.
  • Centralized dashboard syncs reports for stakeholders to monitor progress and review effectively.
  • Configurable settings ensure the tablets are exclusively used for educational purposes
  • iPrep tablets are available on the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) portal.

The iPrep Tablets can also be provided as part of an easy-to-set-up and mobile digital library.

GeM: Where the Government and Trusted Buyers Meet

NDMC’s choice to procure tablets via the GeM portal underscores its dedication to acquiring dependable and effective products. The Government e-Marketplace (GeM) functions as the primary procurement hub for various governmental entities, encompassing Central Government and State Government Ministries, Departments, and Public Sector Units (PSUs). GeM’s overarching objective is to streamline and bolster the public procurement process, fostering transparency, efficiency, and inclusivity. For iPrep Tablets, being showcased on GeM bolsters its credibility, given the hub’s esteemed status as a reliable procurement platform. It also provides an avenue for iPrep Tablets to contribute meaningfully to the education sector and the nation’s development goals.


In conclusion, the NDMC’s tablet initiative stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to revolutionize education through technology. As iDream Education applauds and supports this visionary endeavour, the synergy between the NDMC initiative and iPrep Tablets underscores a shared mission to democratize access to quality education and empower learners on their educational journey in the 21st century. As these tablets find their way into classrooms, they herald the possibility of a future where learning knows no bounds.

News Source: Times of India

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