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The Government Schemes of Free Tablet to Teachers: What You Need to Know?

A blog post by iDream Education discussing government schemes that provide free tablet to teachers

With the increasing integration of digital tools in student learning, the government is also focusing on making teachers tech-friendly.  Equipping teachers with tablets and the necessary training is a key step towards enabling effective, efficient teaching incorporating adaptive learning modules, engaging content, and more. Fortunately, numerous central and state government schemes offer free tablet to teachers, facilitating this transition. 

Some of these government initiatives and schemes are

ICT@Samagra Shiksha: 

A comprehensive initiative by the Ministry of Education places significant emphasis on empowering primary school teachers with technology. Recognizing the importance of digital tools in the education system, the scheme has allocated substantial financial support of Rs. 10,000 per teacher for tablets. This strategic move is implemented from 2022-23 under the “Learning Recovery Package,” which aims to enhance teaching methodologies and learning outcomes in primary education.  With a total of 1,482,565 tablets sanctioned to teachers handling primary classes, the initiative demonstrates a commitment to integrating technology into the foundational years of education, thereby fostering a digitally proficient generation.

e-Adhigam initiative

Haryana’s e-Adhigam initiative is enhancing education in the state by bridging the historical learning gaps. In this over 5 lakh students received tablets equipped with personalized and adaptive learning software and daily internet access. Additionally, the government has also focused on expanding online educational resources by providing tablets to 37,370 PGT Teachers to get free tablets in Haryana with specialized modules. The vision is to foster virtual interactions and create new avenues for student-teacher engagement.  This comprehensive approach not only expands access to online educational resources but also changes the way education is delivered and received in Haryana.

Nipun Bharat Digital Initiative: 

NBDI, an initiative by the Department of Basic Education in Uttar Pradesh, envisioned empowering teachers with tablets as part of a comprehensive learning resource package. This project aims to bridge the digital divide in education and enhance teaching practices across the state. With the creation of the Nipun Bharat Digital Initiative Unified Portal and a dedicated mobile app, teachers now have access to a centralized platform that streamlines communication, data management, and resource allocation. This innovative solution not only simplifies administrative tasks but also fosters transparency and collaboration among stakeholders, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and effective education system.

Uttar Pradesh to Equip 2.36 Lakh Teachers with Tablets by September 2024

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Ji, announced in July 2023 that 2.36 lakh government primary and upper primary school teachers will receive tablets. Scheduled for completion by September 2024, this initiative aims not only to distribute tablets but also to encourage the use of the DIKSHA app. The tablets, pre-loaded with information about government programs and initiatives, are expected to facilitate real-time attendance tracking and the posting of details, alongside providing access to additional digital learning materials. Vijay Kiran Anand, director general of school education, stated, “There are approximately 600,000 teachers in 130,000 government schools. We are working to provide tablets to teachers in phases. In the initial phase, we aim to supply at least two tablets per school to facilitate teachers’ academic work.

In recent years, both central and state governments have made commendable strides in equipping teachers with technology, often in the form of tablets.

While these initiatives acknowledge the critical role of digital tools in education, the current approach falls short of its full potential. Pre-loaded devices with limited education material, focused primarily on administrative tasks or standardized content delivery, which overlooks the diverse needs of teachers. The true power of technology lies in its ability to enhance the teacher-learning experience – to spark curiosity, foster collaboration, and personalize instruction.

Our Vision of Enabling Tablet To Teachers

We believe that instead of restricting teachers to tablets, let’s provide them with a versatile toolkit that deepens their understanding of each student, makes their classrooms more fun, and exposes them to various forms of content to teach different concepts in diverse ways. Additionally, tools that inspire them to create their own teaching materials. 

With this in mind, we propose enabling offline content creation through the content library application when providing Tablet to Teachers.

iPrep Coach is a versatile platform designed to empower teachers and enhance their teaching capability through technology. This comprehensive application enables CSRs, NGOs, foundations, government bodies, and hardware partners to make tablets to teachers a toolkit with all the relevant resources they need to enhance their teaching practices such as lesson planning, classroom teaching content, and assignments. iPrep Coach streamlines administrative tasks with access to a vast library of digital content and facilitates personalized learning experiences for students. 

What Does iPrep Coach on Tablets to Teachers Offer?

iPrep Coach isn’t just an app; it’s a comprehensive teaching toolkit designed specifically for teachers. It empowers teachers with a wealth of features to streamline their workflow, enrich their lessons, and foster a more engaging learning environment for their students.

Tablet to Teachers with  iPrep Coach, to inspire them to create their own lesson plans and make teaching more engaging

Rich and Comprehensive Curriculum-Aligned Content at Your Fingertips:

iPrep Coach provides instant access to iPrep’s vast library of curriculum-aligned digital content. This includes animated lessons that make complex topics easier to grasp. Further, there are practice questions for collaboration, syllabus books for reference, and concise notes for quick revision. All of this can be made available on tablets given to teachers in your education program/initiative/scheme. This makes it incredibly convenient for teachers to prepare for classes and stay organized.

Create and Share Own Personalized Content:

With iPrep Coach, teachers are not limited to preloaded content. They have the flexibility to create and upload their personalized materials in various formats. This includes videos, notes, books, assessments, images, audio files, PowerPoint presentations, HTML documents, and more. Through these resources, they can personalize their lessons as per the specific needs and learning styles of students, making teaching instruction even more impactful.

Record Live Lectures and Screencasts:

The App allows teachers to record screens and capture live lectures on their tablets. This is an amazing way to provide personalized instruction when teachers are unable to be physically present in the classroom. Apart from this, students can also revisit lectures for revision or to catch up on missed lessons. The availability of teaching resources on iPrep Coach ensures every student stays on track with in-class teaching.

Design Personalized Assignments and Quizzes:

iPrep Coach enables teachers to create and upload personalized assignments and quizzes for any chapter or subject. With this teachers can conduct quiz exercises and competitive games in the classroom. This way they can add an element of fun and engagement to the learning process. Interactivity in classrooms helps teachers solidify students’ understanding and encourage classroom participation. Additionally, helps teachers identify and address any learning gaps, and ultimately makes learning joyful. 

Create Lesson Plans

Teachers can create lesson plans by integrating a diverse range of content in one place. They can leverage pre-existing digital content or recorded lectures to start teaching. They can also incorporate personalized content, such as supplementary teaching resources and relevant examples, to enhance comprehension. Further, they can end chapters with their own created assignments and collaborative practice. Combining multi-category content helps teachers create dynamic and effective lesson plans. This will empower them to cater to diverse learning styles and maximize student outcomes.

Access to Content History and Reports:

A significant advantage of enabling iPrep Coach on tablet to teachers is the ability to meticulously manage digital content. Teachers can easily monitor the content they’ve created and uploaded, including details about its type and timestamp. They also have the option to remove any outdated material. Moreover, teachers gain insights into what content they have used most and least through detailed analytics. This includes data on the average time spent teaching with digital and personalized content each month, the number of uploads, and comprehensive usage statistics categorized by subject, class, language, and more. This empowers teachers with a deeper understanding of their teaching practices and the effectiveness of their digital resources.

iPrep Coach on the tablet to teachers empowers them with an all-in-one teaching solution. By combining curriculum-aligned content with personalized creation tools, interactive assignments, lecture recordings, and in-depth content analytics, iPrep Coach redefines how teachers deliver instruction and make classroom learning joyful. 

Beyond Free Tablet to Teachers: Enable All-in-One Teaching Solution in Your Education Initiatives and  Schemes

Enabling Tablets to teachers with preloaded relevant content and resources is not merely an investment in technology, but a step towards personalized, engaging, and efficient education. By embracing this approach, we unlock the full potential of teachers, inspire students, and ultimately cultivate a thriving learning environment in schools.

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Ayushi Agarwal is an Assistant Manager - Marketing & Content Writing at iDream Education. With 7+ years of writing, her focus has shifted passionately to education over the past two years. Her dedication lies in researching and crafting content around solutions that address learning gaps, drive sustainable digital learning programs, empower last-mile learners, and ensure educational access for all. This commitment makes her work a valuable asset for social sector leaders seeking to drive change.

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