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State-Led Initiatives: Familiarizing CBSE Teachers to Implement the NCERT’s National Curriculum Framework for School Education

An illustration of a classroom with a teacher teaching and an image highlighting State-Led Initiatives to familiarize CBSE Teachers to Implement the NCERT’s National Curriculum Framework for School Education

In a significant shift from the traditional ’10+2′ format, India’s new education system is gearing up for a change under the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The new structure (5+3+4+4) aims to provide a holistic learning experience for students from the age of 3 to 18. The focus is on early childhood care and foundational learning.

To equip teachers for this paradigm shift, 

CBSE teachers across Kerala are set to undergo comprehensive training, starting May 27th. The program, led by experts from the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), will delve into the intricacies of the NCERT’s National Curriculum Framework for School Education, 2023. This framework aligns with the new school education structure and encompasses innovative teaching methodologies, evaluation techniques, and other pedagogical aspects.

The training sessions, held in Kozhikode, Kochi, and Kottayam, will be crucial in facilitating a smooth transition to the new system. By familiarizing teachers with the nuances of the National Curriculum Framework, the program seeks to empower teachers to effectively implement the NEP 2020’s vision, ultimately benefiting students across the state.

India’s National Education Policy 2020: A New Era for Schooling

India’s education system is undergoing a significant transformation with the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. This policy introduced a new school education system in 2023 structured as 5+3+3+4, spanning from the age of 3 to 18. This system divides the learning journey into four distinct stages: Foundational, Preparatory, Middle, and Secondary.

Foundational Stage: Nurturing the Youngest Learners

The Foundational Stage encompasses pre-school to Class V (ages three to eight).  This stage prioritizes holistic development, emphasizing nutrition, cultural understanding, and a supportive environment at home and school. Teachers are trained to nurture curiosity and instill a love of learning through play-based and activity-based approaches.

Preparatory Stage: Strengthening Foundational Skills

The Preparatory Stage covers Classes III to V (ages eight to 11).  Here, the focus shifts to solidifying fundamental literacy and numeracy skills. Teachers ensure that students master language comprehension and arithmetic, laying the groundwork for more complex learning in subsequent stages. This stage also introduces students to basic scientific concepts and social studies.

Middle Stage: Exploring Interests and Practical Skills

Classes VI to VIII (ages 11 to 14) comprise the Middle Stage. While continuing their academic journey, students are exposed to a broader range of subjects. The subjects include arts, vocational skills, and introductory coding. This stage encourages exploration, allowing students to discover their interests and aptitudes. It aims to equip them with practical skills that could prove valuable for future career paths.

Secondary Stage: Preparing for Higher Education and Beyond

The Secondary Stage, spanning Classes IX to XII (ages 14 to 18), marks the culmination of school education. Students delve deeper into subjects like science, mathematics, social sciences, and humanities. This stage prepares them for higher education by offering subject specialization based on individual interests and career goals. Through this, NEP emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and vocational training. This is to ensure students are well-rounded and ready for the challenges of the modern world.

iDream Education wholeheartedly applauds the changes in education structure and NCERT’s National Curriculum Framework for School Education

This framework stands out due to its meticulously defined developmental goals, competencies, and expected outcomes for each age group, establishing a clear and progressive pathway for students’ learning and growth. By focusing on holistic development and aligning with 21st-century skills, the NCF sets the stage for a transformative shift in Indian education, empowering learners with the strong foundation, life skills, and knowledge needed to thrive in the 21st century.

Considering the changes in the NCERT’s National Curriculum Framework for School Education and National Education Policy, we also enable flexibility to our stakeholders such as CSR/NGO/Foundation in customizing their education program for different stages. 

Diagram illustrating the structure of the new school education system as specified in NEP 2023. The system is divided into four stages: Foundational Stage (ages 3-8, including 3 years of preschool and Grades 1-2), Preparatory Stage (ages 8-11, Grades 3-5), Middle Stage (ages 11-14, Grades 6-8), and Secondary Stage (ages 14-18, Grades 9-12)

For the Foundational Stage, iPrep offers FLN curriculum-aligned play-based learning content. This includes stories, rhymes, activities, and local art, all aligned with the developmental goals of the NCERT’s National Curriculum Framework. This ensures a joyful and engaging start to a child’s educational journey.

For the Preparatory, Middle, and Secondary stages, iPrep provides a comprehensive suite of learning resources, including animated lessons, notes, practice exercises, syllabus books, and more. This content covers basic scientific concepts, social studies, arts, vocational skills, and practical skills, equipping students with valuable knowledge and skills for future career paths. Additionally, iPrep offers easily comprehensible content in science, mathematics, social sciences, and humanities, ensuring students have a strong foundation for higher education and future careers.

By tailoring our content in alignment with NCERT’s National Curriculum Framework and the specific objectives of the education program, we enable our partners to deliver the most relevant and impactful educational experiences to students across India. This flexibility, coupled with our commitment to joyful and comprehensive learning, ensures that iPrep remains a valuable tool in shaping the future of education in India, in accordance with the progressive changes laid out in the National Education Policy.

Our vision is to empower teachers with digital content that aligns seamlessly with NCERT’s National Curriculum Framework for School Education and also provide comprehensive teacher training. Hence, this will ensure that every child experiences structured learning and is exposed to unlimited learning opportunities.

In case you would like to know more about iPrep and our other solutions, visit our website. You can also write to us at

Ayushi Agarwal is an Assistant Manager - Marketing & Content Writing at iDream Education. With 7+ years of writing, her focus has shifted passionately to education over the past two years. Her dedication lies in researching and crafting content around solutions that address learning gaps, drive sustainable digital learning programs, empower last-mile learners, and ensure educational access for all. This commitment makes her work a valuable asset for social sector leaders seeking to drive change.

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