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Scalable Social Impact and Business Opportunity in Personalised Digital Learning

The education system, the schools and the parent community are all waking up. The ar ow identifying the fundamental need of personalised and skill oriented learning for our students.

The MHRD (where we were recently invited to share our vision), state education departments, and almost all schools are exploring ways to facilitate personalised learning solutions to their students. Every parent today is also thinking about ways to make learning more engaging, personalised and growth oriented for their children.

What does this shift mean for the fraternity which serves the schools, coaching centres and parents with educational solutions:  namely all the Education Solution Providers, NGOs, Education Entrepreneurs, Distributors & Resellers of educational products to schools and parents?

It brings in a strong sense of responsibility to serve our children better but also a scalable opportunity for the education services industry. And in order to facilitate access to student centric, personalised and life connected learning solutions, all of us will have to align our businesses and our work towards serving this requirement.

Transformational Opportunity in Mobile & Tablet powered Digital Learning

The rise of internet and smart device penetration has increased young India’s online presence, both in urban and rural India. Over 74% of internet usage today is happening on mobile with more than 28% from rural India. And these numbers are expected to grow at a much higher rate hereon. Thus offering a huge opportunity in mobile/tablet based digital learning.

With mobile and tablets, there is no limit to the type of and the amount of learning content that a child can access. The touch based interface of these smart devices and play way content is becoming an enjoyable, personalised and life connected source for quality education.

Very soon on their personal devices, children will start having access to best of enjoyable learning content. That too in the language that they understand. This is an amazing opportunity in the making.

Social Impact and scalable business proposition by iDream Education

iDream Education has committed itself to designing and delivering the best suited tablet and mobile based digital learning solution to every learner in the country including the last mile learner.

And iPrep Digital Library- TABLAB, our flagship solution strongly complements the in school or in coaching education with:

  1. A student-centric solution that engages a child for proactive learning. When children are happily learning, everyone in the ecosystem is satisfactorily happy
  2. Enjoyable learning content across multiple categories (local language content for state government schools)
  3. Content aligned to the state board curriculum or CBSE/ICSE curriculum followed by the school

The iPrep Learning Library-TABLAB or a Smart ICT Lab can be set up both in the form of a lab with limited number of tablets per school OR individual tablets can also be given to each child for usage at school and at home.

In May 2017, our iPrep Digital Library- TABLAB was recognized and awarded by Google India under “Impacting Change through Digital”.

As we grow and build a reach with children all across India, we are keen to associate with partners to create a scalable and a high impact business proposition in mobile and tablet based learning.

We invite you to be an iDream Education partner, and take iPrep Digital Library- TABLAB and educational tablets to your schools, NGOs, CSR and state governments.

If you believe in the vision of Digital India, which our honorable Prime Minister has given us and are ready to ride this exciting growth wagon, we would like to welcome you as our partner. Let us join hands and build together an organisation that creates social and commercial value for everyone in the ecosystem. 

You can read a detailed blog about learning tablets for government school.

Are you a Non-Governmental Organisation working with underserved children?

Hats off to you for your dedication, perseverance and passion for the wonderful work that you are already doing. To find inspiration for a cause and to keep yourself motivated towards it for as long as it takes requires a totally different type of mindset.

As an NGO, you can partner with us to take a very customised digital learning solution to your students. We can customise the iPrep Digital Library- TABLAB solution to align with your vision. It can help you to deliver your objectives better. Along with your existing interventions, you will be able to support your children with a holistic learning ecosystem. Besides, our team will also support you to build a sustainable fund raising mechanism.

Before you read further, let us tell you a story.

Aman is a 15-year-old boy who was living on the streets of Mumbai doing drugs. A stroke of good luck brought him in contact with a Mumbai-based NGO. It further motivated him to get himself free of drugs.

The NGO now faces the challenge of providing him with his age-appropriate education before they can enrol him in a nearby government school.About a month back, we set up iPrep Digital Library- TABLAB at a Learning centre, run by the NGO.

We visited them recently and what we saw was one of the most inspiring moments for all of us at iDream Education. We have captured the same in a video here:

Aman is now learning not just his own grade but also learning content from previous grades very happily.

Such impact has been made possible by collaborative efforts of the NGO and our team at iDream Education.

Are you running an education distribution and reselling business?

Are you running an education distribution and reselling business working with schools? Then there are good chances that you can already feel how the learning ecosystem is evolving.

TABLAB is a plug n play-learning lab. It is extremely hassle-free for teachers and students to use and manage regularly. TABLAB offers a very affordable solution for schools to adopt personalized digital learning and happily engage their students for learning.

As an education business owner, TABLAB offers to you another quality product that:

  1. Keeps child at the centre
  2. Further, solves the problem of schools to happily engage the students to learn
  3. Delivers healthy margins for you to grow both personally and professionally

Children in your city and their parents will love you for making learning a fun and an enjoyable experience for them.

Are you looking to become an education entrepreneur?

If you have a love for children, teaching, an entrepreneurial attitude and a strong desire to grow, you are ready to be an edupreneur.

And at iDream Education, we are here to help you grow.

With TABLAB, you get a product, which is increasingly seeing a strong acceptance from all types of schools. It therefore offers you to build a satisfying growth oriented business. You will be working with the senior management team at iDream Education with years of experience in ed-tech and school distribution. They will guide you at all steps with a singular focus on your growth.

Let’s Start

If you are excited to start your entrepreneurial, ed-tech distribution and social impact journey with us OR still have any questions, please write to us at [email protected].

At last, We are waiting to hear your inspiring stories and to welcome you on board.

After all, it absolutely true that, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

Let us together engage and excite our next generation towards proactive learning & growth!

At iDream Education, we work with a vision to facilitate universal access to learning and growth. Our solutions are designed to break the learning barriers and empower students to Learn Unlimited.

[email protected]

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