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Karan’s Journey as the Top User of iPrep Tablets in Maharashtra with 1693 Hours of Usage in 1 Year

Image showing students using personalized educational tablets for in-school and at-home learning

Sometime back in February 2024, our team members in Maharashtra visited schools to connect with students preparing for their 10th board exams. 

The Purpose of the visit was to:

Extend our heartfelt wishes for success and, crucially, to guide effective revision strategies using content on iPrep Tablet which they received through CIPLA Foundation under their D-LEAD Project, 

During our visits, 

We had the pleasure of meeting Karan, a 10th-grade student at New English School in Wavarle, Maharashtra, affiliated with Sansthan. Among all the students utilizing iPrep Tablets across Maharashtra, Karan stood out for his highest usage with 1693 hours in 12 months. 

Karan’s Usage of iPrep for 1693 hours Before 10th board exams

Teachers at Karan’s schools and our team members are happy to see students embracing digital tools for their learning. Over 1 Year, Karan has had a significant 1693 hours of digital usage. This shows a significant time dedicated to iPrep for core learning daily. 

Analyzing Karan’s Usage Patterns:

  • Category Wise Usage of iPrep Tablet by Karan

During our discussion with Karan regarding his experience using iPrep for learning, he especially talked about video lessons. He said, “The format of video lessons simplifies the process of grasping and comprehending concepts for him. He mentioned, “I don’t hesitate to replay videos five or more times if necessary for better understanding and revision. The concise nature of video lessons keeps me engaged, and I never get tired of learning through them.”

Image showing category-wise usage of iPrep learning tablet of Karan, a student from a government school in Maharashtra

This is when we analyzed his usage based on categories which made it evident that Karan predominantly was engaging with video lessons with 1671 hours of usage,  and around 5 hours of each category such as practice, syllabus books, activity videos, and books in the digital library.

  • Subject Wise Usage of iPrep Tablet by Karan

With further communication, we got to know that he faced difficulties with Mathematics, which significantly impacted his studies and marks. But, iPrep’s comprehensive content such as bite-size animated lessons, and practice of math made his learning enjoyable, easy, and engaging, reigniting his enthusiasm for learning. Karan expressed, “Not just language but I also used to struggle with Math, but iPrep’s content solved this as well because of which there is an increase in my study time. Since I got the tablet, my interest in studying has increased even more”. With iPrep engaging animated lessons, practice, and practicals, Karan found math more accessible, leading to an improvement in his learning.

Image showing subject-wise usage of iPrep learning tablet of Karan, a student from a government school in Maharashtra

This is further supported by a subject-specific usage report, indicating his predominant use of iPrep for science learning, totaling over 680 hours, and for math, over 912 hours.

Through further conversation with Karan, we learned,

Karan’s proficiency in English was initially a challenge due to his primary language being Marathi. However, with the help of iPrep, he successfully transitioned to learning in English, marking a significant change in personal learning. Reflecting on his journey, Karan shared, “I struggled with English before, but since I received the iPrep Tablet, I’ve been learning in English, and now I can read it fluently.”

Teacher’s Perspective

  • Upon learning about his interests and learning patterns, teachers expressed satisfaction that iPrep is assisting students in both school and at home learning. This highlights the crucial aspect of fostering a positive and non-judgmental learning environment, allowing students such as Karan to progress at their own pace and address their learning gaps without fear of judgment.

Witnessing students take ownership of their learning journey and actively utilizing iPrep to advance is truly gratifying. This underscores the significance of providing personalized devices to students, as it empowers them to engage deeply with their education and take control of their academic growth. Such personalized digital learning solutions not only foster independent learning but also facilitate a more dynamic and effective learning experience for each student.

By enabling personalized devices equipped with bilingual learning content tailored to the curriculum, alongside continuous monitoring via a dashboard, we can empower students to engage in joyful learning experiences. Simultaneously, stakeholders can effectively track school, grade, student, class, and subject progress to ensure desired learning outcomes are achieved and maximize impact.

As Karan and his peers gear up for their 10th Maharashtra board exams, we extend our heartfelt wishes for success.

Ayushi Agarwal is an Assistant Manager - Marketing & Content Writing at iDream Education. For 6+ years, she has been writing to create an impact through her powerful content on humanity, equality, and many more issues that have been a key part of today’s world.

[email protected]

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